We should boycott several industries!  
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Post Posted: 2018-01-14 08:06:05  
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Y'all give "Trump" way too much credit, it's all a game, it's hard to even have an intelligent exchange with most of you because you just don't seem to "get" it.

If you were comfortable with the previous 47 Presidents under the Constitution & the 8 before them under the Articles(you know they STILL selling the lies to you kids)... why should this "1" be any different o_0 -

This county cares more about property rights than human rights. They can come and say we are taking your cats and dogs to go fight in Russia- pet owners would have shoot outs in they front lawn- I can refuse to go drop bombs on innocent people I don't even know, and be disowned by my family and friends for choosing to not commit murder "disgracing the flag, dishonoring my country", but if I go on a killing spree, those same people would post my bail and "We don't know what got into" so when your government says to "black" people be nonviolent, no riots, do you not remember how they "discovered" a land that was already occupied, I'm going to walk into your home and "discover" the land it sits on and I dare you to challenge me.

Kindly remind them of Independence day when they demonstrated the very same behavior against G.B... the very essence of what they try to condemn you for.... cause they had enough. When are we going to have enough o_0 - A gorilla has never been hungry, homeless, they ain't never gone to school, applied for a driver's license, worked a job, etcetera- you spend all that time learning how to make a living you forgot to learn how to live...

It's our duty to shut this shit DOWN so until we do that..... until you've recognized your part in all this, SHUT UP, cause you go along with it.... you no better than the "leaders" you blame, you tolerate it!

Programming is real and they've been doing it to you, since before you could even speak. Once you accept that, you can start the process of getting rid of the crap. Psychological, behavior conditioning... it's a trick in most of the shit you "believe" in and gawd forbid you ask simple questions... heck most of you won't even read this because it's "too long".

Want change? Stop buying music, stop buying merchandise, stop buying movies, boycott industries one by one, wanna get rid of the TSA? STOP flying, Make your demands, and boycott each industry one by one from music to fast food, and WATCH the universe work....

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