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PostPosted: 2016-02-27 18:40:38     Post subject: @ADMIN. YOU NEED TO REGULATE THE FORUMS BETTER!!!

ice-storm wrote:
1456604880 people might find this tea to be interesting.

go to the better business bureau's website.

enter bgclive.com

one search result comes up. click it.

notice what comes up.

it says "bgclive.com is Believed to Be Out of Business"

that would explain why there is no one to respond to anyone's emails anymore, but it wouldn't explain how their electricity stays on, and the processing of premium payments (which could be outsourced).

we are on a "ghost" website, apparently owned by a person, persons, corporation, or organization that really has no admin anymore.
cookie_crispz wrote:
1456617788 So basically what your saying is we are currently in a BGC Apocalypse.......?



Ha I knew it
goldenoreo86 wrote:
1456618977 I was starting to assume the same thing smh Shocked

That's crazy
cookie_crispz wrote:
1456619313 It's makes so much sense once you put all the pieces together. Why the site hasn't been updated in months, why the mods are no where to be found, why their is chaos is going on within the forums. Now the real question is, how many days we have left before the site is deleted all together without our knowledge?
goldenoreo86 wrote:
1456619467 Exactly, it's only a matter of time..

I wonder if I can buy it Laughing

I believe with modifications, the site could be saved, clearly they get Ad revenue
cookie_crispz wrote:
1456619892 It's definitely worth checking out. I would love a revamp, reboot, something new lol.
Actually, looking now.. Shocked all the Ad spaces are EMPTY

#thisistheend Laughing
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