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PostPosted: 2016-06-10 22:29:14     Post subject: Lamarcia how can you come for gcode

cuatroveinte wrote:
1465517935 i didn't wake up expecting to slay an armadillo today but it looks like i'm gonna have to read this couldn't get the biscuits out of the oven on time lookin ass bitch she needs to stay in her lane don't come for bae when his worst picture casts her best into oblivion Neutral if you're a one you need to come for ones and twos not dimes Arrow

lamarc__king wrote:
1465614645 If i’m so ugly boo boo! Then why are you constantly checking for me? Furthermore why are you calling me Mr. Hanky when you are the real Mr. Hanky, remember you were flushed down the toilet and recovered by the Cincinnati fire department boo as an infant, not me. So you are the living Mr. Hanky, the toilet done swallowed your hairline, that shit is somewhere in the Ohio River, unfortunately that was not recovered. Then you wanna act like you are so in love with Gcode, nigga please, he ain’t in love with you. He’s only in love with 2 things PCP and weed, that’s why he looks like grey alien with dreads. He about to board the mother ship, and your ass can’t come. You tried to blend in with him, with that sonar head, but bitch you failed.
cuatroveinte wrote:
1465615540 listen slave i will NOT be reading your GED essay i need you to condense your thread dedicated to me down to two sentences and resubmit Arrow
lamarc__king wrote:
1465615665 Because you know fucking better ho, you had so much shit to say. You bum ass clown. You sitting at home on house arrest looking like the nigga version of disturbia.

Your room smell like feces and musty ass.
you wouldn't know what my room smells like, and get out of my inbox asking for my adress you can't come for me, soon as you get to my neighborhood-- on foot cuz you don't have a car-- people will know you don't belong here and calls the cops before you even make it to my street #idontliveintheghetto #thisisntthemarcyprojects
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