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Forum :  Topic : sex is a breeze with this invention i'm here for it!!!


PostPosted: 24 days ago    Post subject: sex is a breeze with this invention i'm here for it!!!

24 days ago

@obsidian__ guess xmas is coming early this year papi

24 days ago

Why didnt i think of this?!

Im keepin that shit on the jackhammer setting.
Fall asleep in the pussy.

24 days ago


24 days ago

sounds to me like a safe place for him to hide when trump starts the purge Idea #staymad #wegoodoverchea

24 days ago




we already have two fema tents set up as well as vending machines so LIKE I SAID #wegoodoverchea
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Forum :  Topic : sex is a breeze with this invention i'm here for it!!!


PostPosted: 24 days ago    Post subject: sex is a breeze with this invention i'm here for it!!!

24 days ago

@obsidian__ guess xmas is coming early this year papi

24 days ago

Why didnt i think of this?!

Im keepin that shit on the jackhammer setting.
Fall asleep in the pussy.

24 days ago


sounds to me like a safe place for him to hide when trump starts the purge Idea #staymad #wegoodoverchea
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Forum :  Topic : Some of the GWARLZ here are mad.


PostPosted: 28 days ago    Post subject: Some of the GWARLZ here are mad.

28 days ago

Dead @neon_slayer

Getting so upset that she went an started a whole new thread topic to address her anger.

Sys, I just needed some clarification, because I wasn't UNDERSTANDING how you had so much time to come online and be working

28 days ago

28 days ago



28 days ago

tell @neon_breeder aka @olive-p ain't nobody mad i'm high as hell and laughin at your basic hoes Laughing

28 days ago

I ain't got shit to do with ya'll little argument, so stop @ me. I told you I'm not @neon_bussy . Don't make me block you!

28 days ago




28 days ago

Okay, Me. I'll unblock his ugly ass. You're lucky Me told me to unblock you, @neon_slayer .

Laughing you live for my font bitch you can't get enough #overdose might be the high concentration of thc Idea
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Forum :  Topic : He must want Trey Songz to give up the booty


PostPosted: 2017-04-26 11:51:32     Post subject: He must want Trey Songz to give up the booty

2017-04-26 11:22:40

orlando is gay too, the way he said "ass" made it seem like he REALLY meant "niggas love THIS ass"

and i think they may have been former lovers fags are only vindictive like this AFTER they got the peen

2017-04-26 11:42:30

would you let Orlando hit?

2017-04-26 11:45:28

if he can keep himself clean for a year, maybe. his lips are nice but lite brites don't really do it for me and the drug abuse and psychosis aren't attractive either. he looks like chris brown's heroin buddy.

2017-04-26 11:46:12

I agree with this assessment.

i can't lie, and don't judge me, that smackin sound he made when he was kissin her cakes is a huuuuuge turn-on to me, lets me know he knows how to use that mouf Idea #lickit #kissit #slobberalloverit
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Forum :  Topic : Forum Reg Scammer(s)


PostPosted: 2017-03-27 16:53:06     Post subject: Forum Reg Scammer(s)

2017-03-27 16:25:24



that's just where i have my scam profile set up. they wire the money to NY, i have it wired to charlotte, and then i have a coint. you mad at my hustle? #getoverit
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Forum :  Topic : 


PostPosted: 2017-03-19 19:29:00     Post subject: TO ALL MY BOTTOMS WHO LIKE

melanin-eminado wrote:
1489965222 This is what I do not get about tops.

I am a man.

My butt is not a sexual organ.

So....telling me you are going to f*ck the sh*t out of me..is not sexy. It sounds like you want to get painted on

I have never had anyone say they would find my spot and hit it and make me have the best orgasm ever...nothing about my pleasure...just theirs.

they make it sound like I am just a hole.

And that is why I am not inclined to do splits on any d*cks anytime, soon.


I do not really want to get sucked off, because I do not like making anybody feel inferior/less than. If I am going to get oral performed...we are going to do a 69...horizontally....that kneeling stuff is a turnoff to me.

I would LOVE for guys to start grabbing my crotch, instead of accidentally bumping into my back to cop a feel -_-

I have a penis...I want it to shoot...how are you going to make that happen, acting like I am a Ken doll?????????????
neon_slayer wrote:
1489968860 sex with you sounds extremely overthought and boring. "oh can't do missionary cuz the slaves were raped in the missionary position, oh can't kiss cuz it's a psychological sign of submission and inferiority"
melanin-eminado wrote:
1489969185 1) I did not say anything about the missionary position or anal really

2) Not wanting a guy kneeling down to suck me off....there are more interesting ways to do it...like with my legs wrapped around his neck for example, thrusting down...

3)I did not say anything about kissing

4)I am not boring in bed. I will never share exactly what I like on here..because hoes will steal my tricks. So if being vague sounds boring, so be it.

Fisting, scat, watersports...do not an exciting sex life make.
if i didn't know you were an american before i know it now, we have to psychoanalyze EVERYTHING Laughing #overthought #boringsex
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Forum :  Topic : I got a funny joke to tell, part 2.


PostPosted: 2017-03-08 15:42:59     Post subject: I got a funny joke to tell, part 2.

it literally took me 10 sec to get it

silent laugh

witty but mean Smile

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Forum :  Topic : when you're such a bad bitch you get 10 bash threads at once


PostPosted: 2017-03-07 19:06:49     Post subject: when you're such a bad bitch you get 10 bash threads at once

2017-03-07 12:59:53


sis i might need you to ring the alarm we have a code red there is a cockroach infestation in the forums they all over the place makin fake accounts and errythang Laughing #calltheexterminator #whereisgovernorschwarzenegger
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Forum :  Topic : U sissys kill me


PostPosted: 2017-03-06 08:10:48     Post subject: U sissys kill me

masculine niggas don't say read Neutral #clockedyourself #15overthespeedlimit #kunt now vogue so i can give your tens Arrow

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Forum :  Topic : 'I think I saw your nudes online'


PostPosted: 2017-03-04 16:36:29     Post subject: 'I think I saw your nudes online'

2017-03-02 17:22:52

sit yo muahfukn azz down

2017-03-04 16:32:34

๐Ÿ˜Œ or what?

he gone suck the skin off yo dick that's what #bottoms #bottomspretendingtobetops #assspreadeaglealloverbgcv
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Forum :  Topic : I'm so sick of hearing the word "Fake News"


PostPosted: 2017-02-26 02:30:08     Post subject: I'm so sick of hearing the word

2017-02-21 19:01:46

yes some of it is bias, however this is why you get it from several sources...many times we just believe the one source, anyone can make a mistake...Donald is doing what he is doing only to not make himself look bad so he is intentionally saying the news in fake, wanting the public to only believe what he says...that will not happen.....

the word "fake news" = propaganda #overit.... & I'm sick of the word propaganda ... #fuckme
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Forum :  Topic : this how you KNOW you fucked up


PostPosted: 2017-02-15 09:28:33     Post subject: this how you KNOW you fucked up

2017-02-15 09:24:38

. .
. . .yyuussss..... parTy . . .

Connie you have some semen stains on your blouse girl, I thought you don't go to work til tonight? #overtime
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Forum :  Topic : 


PostPosted: 2017-02-12 08:21:16     Post subject: I'm so highuj of the he pills

xxtyteeyesxx wrote:
1486868633 .. .

. .. . . .

. .. . youve got to try cotton candy sis
buffyannsummers wrote:
1486871149 I'm going to get some ccc's tomorrow
franzferdinand wrote:
1486871282 Go girl go girl get it girl
buffyannsummers wrote:
1486871335 yasssssssssssss it's the only drug I can take that won't show up on my drug tests Laughing I'm gonna take 4 boxes Shocked
franzferdinand wrote:
1486871522 Lmao I don't start til the 28 most things get out of my system in two days since I work out and drink alot of water
buffyannsummers wrote:
1486871665 I've never failed a drug test before but I don't wanna push my luck so I cut out the weed until after this trail is over cuz they're gonna do randoms and I am KNOUGHT tryna go back to jail
franzferdinand wrote:
1486872169 Sis jail is horrible the food is gross thank God for commensary I had the Mrs fields cookies and the brown rice I was cheffin it up with the microwave how was your time in i only did a month
buffyannsummers wrote:
1486872559 I did three months and I got fat cuz all I did was eat, I came home and none of my jeans fit
franzferdinand wrote:
1486872738 Omg really sis I lost alot of weight BC all I did was workout our jail had a gym and really nice rec deck plus I stuck to a strict veggie diet while I was in there because no one ate the vegetables in jail so they would all pass the veggies to me.

Are u off house arrest u should try some jogging
buffyannsummers wrote:
1486872845 yeah I'm off house arrest, but I hear jogging/running is bad for the knees so I've just been eating right and doing light exercise. my arms and chest are nice though cuz I was doing hellafied crunches and sit-ups in jail.
franzferdinand wrote:
1486872941 Omg did your jail have mice??? I love crunches and push ups I used to my crunches on my yoga mat lol
buffyannsummers wrote:
1486872999 lmao no mice but there were ants in our pod before they moved us
franzferdinand wrote:
1486873230 Bish lucky you we had mice no ants but mice I was over it I killed 3 mice with my jail vans lol what color did u have to wear? I wore orange but I made it cute I rolled my pants up into shirts and cut the sleeves off my shirt jail was actually pretty cool I learned alot like how to make a knife out of a tooth brush how to make your own gorilla glue how to boof(spelling) LOL
buffyannsummers wrote:
1486873499 Shocked all I learned was how to make a swoll Laughing
franzferdinand wrote:
1486873601 Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww that's nasty sis but I did learn that the noodles taste better uncooked fresh out the bag they taste like chips lol
buffyannsummers wrote:
1486874025 swolls are the SHIT! put some summer sausage and jalapeno Cheetos in that bitch
franzferdinand wrote:
1486874331 Lol I love jalapeรฑo hmmm I'll see
buffyannsummers wrote:
1486874577 I wouldn't ever eat it out in the real world but in jail it's considered fine dining lol
franzferdinand wrote:
1486875101 With a fruit punch juice carton lol
buffyannsummers wrote:
1486875908 yasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
franzferdinand wrote:
1486876193 I miss the lemon aid dasss about it lol
buffyannsummers wrote:
1486877000 I miss the cheeseburgers, they were surprisingly on point
franzferdinand wrote:
1486907325 I like fried chicken Sundays those were good
buffyannsummers wrote:
1486908238 ewwwwww sundays we had baked chicken except I don't think it was really chicken I think they killed all the pigeons from the bus station Confused
franzferdinand wrote:
1486908494 Lmaoooo but but duck taste pretty good Sad omg did u spend a holiday in there I was there for Thanksgiving and almost Christmas too
buffyannsummers wrote:
1486908958 I was in there for thanksgiving and xmas too and the most important holiday of all, new years.
franzferdinand wrote:
1486909053 Omg bish no way I saw the judge on the 21 St and he was like just go home I'll see you in three months sis I can't believe you spent all those inside *hugs* no one understands til they go thru it
right! The district attorney was pissed the judge let me out, the judge released me last Monday they didn't let me out til last Thursday Confused #getoverit #iproclaimmyinnocence #youdonthavenanyevidence
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PostPosted: 2017-01-11 11:29:16     Post subject: DO U COMPETE 4 A GUYZ ATTENTION ?

2017-01-11 10:47:02

I don't compete....when I want all the attention I get it

If I don't want it...I don't

It's all on my terms

2017-01-11 11:25:28


Me and you togeatger can me the life and soul of any party

When I braid diss fro up and get on my fly boi shit it's over

And you on shit all day everyday

It would be #over
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Forum : General Discussions II Topic : Let Me Say This in 2016........


PostPosted: 2016-12-30 02:18:13     Post subject: Let Me Say This in 2016........

2016-12-29 12:27:09

What are we talking about?

2016-12-29 13:09:54

Basically he believes that only people within a community should talk about issues that reflect that community. It sounds good but it only stifles debate and causes others to feel ostracized.

2016-12-29 13:41:50

Ah I see. I disagree with that though.

Some of the best forums I have been to about building our community have had others in it.

Sometimes having a different opinion than the majority in any forum with your own will cause people not to listen even though they want the same progress. It keeps them quiet. Just ask any black republican

Adding anyone with a difference in opinion adds to the dialogue. And different races=different opinions=more dialogue

2016-12-29 13:55:27

And that sounds nice on paper, but let me ask you this...exactly how much input should say..uneducated, unemployed southern whites have into combating urban decay in large black populated cities like Chicago and Detroit?

2016-12-29 14:42:35

Well usually they don't have any input, and if they were to discuss we correct them where they are wrong.

2016-12-29 16:40:49

...and how does correcting people in the wrong who think they are correct go for you here in the forums?.....much less those out in the world that you have even less in common with or less ability to understand what you are trying to inform the of......#thinkaboutit

My point here is that its not your place or job to have to educate or re-educate anyone on any situation or topic that is not in their wheelhouse or lane of business or relative connection. They should enter that conversation informed enough to have some opinion on the matter being discussed. I guess even misinformed would be better than being ignorant of it.

You will notice that we do not discuss every topic under the sun in these forums. We discuss, comment, or even lampoon bgclive forum topics that are of relative interest to us as adult glbtq persons of color. If you are not an adult glbtq person of color or someone very supportive of that demographic, your conversation should be limited to null when it comes to certain topics and discussion in these forums. Questioning in or about a topic is not an opinion..and thats fine in my book.

2016-12-29 17:54:46

I some people listen some don't but you still have to educate...That's how ever minority advanced....by getting the ignorant to understand.

I understand what you are saying but I having a bunch of people who agree or think in similar ways doesn't lead to any progress. To learn and progress you need to be criticized. For that we need outside perspectives...only reasons I like bird-flu and the Asian here, because they do add to the conversations we have on here.

I don't like sharing black space with non-blacks. and Vice versa

PS. I love Queen Sugar....its so accurate

2016-12-29 23:15:44

One of my college professors used to say that " you educate the empty not the ignorant" what I got from his saying was that ignorant people choose to be ignorant, but an empty vessel is something that can be poured into. You need to learn the difference and stop wasting your time and energy on those who are filled with ignorance & miseducation and focus on the empty vessels in here than can and want to be filled. Those folks you mentioned do not add to our discussions here...they poison them......

2016-12-29 23:24:48

I know, it's hard to tell.

I think they do. But when they make a good point we ignore it

2016-12-29 23:30:56

Go back and check: those good points are never framed in any solution to a problem or something positive or uplifting to someone else. If its a complaint about something or the worse thing or case scenario has happened, they make excellent, very agreeable points that frames their IToldYouSo attitudes # aintnobodygottimeforthatBS

2016-12-30 00:06:32

I disagree. Although most times @bird-fu will speak in a I told you so manner, but if you admit the hypocrisy of blacks the he points out (Which he does make some fair points sometimes) he will offer a solution of some kind. You just have to get pass his dark dry humor and odd way of viewing things.

@xxtyteeyesxx On the other hand makes very good points and offers a thought usually after good worded post. He doesn\'t understand sometimes but is willing to listen and contribute to the dialogue. He often tries to contribute by comparing his experience as a minority to blacks. But people pass up his post if he isn\'t being sexual.

2016-12-30 01:11:07

You white-washed, black-lite disagreement is not shocking to me because you have not participated in the conversations Ive had with those two forum blights that you mentioned. It comes a point where a line that you are unwilling to see gets crossed and unlike you, I am no longer in the mood to be amicable & understanding about it:

White people in this space should not be comfortable enough with black people to criticize their hypocrisy or frame some of those criticisms by posting pictures of the genocide in Africa....

Asian fags should not converse with & condescend to black people in this space from a convinced standpoint that every person of color in here is on welfare, untraveled, and has a criminal record........

2016-12-30 01:51:22

White washed......boy.


I never said that were in the right all the time.

Bird-fu does post many racist post like you mention and when he was talking about how ugly harriet tubman was on the 20 dollar bill. I get on him when he goes over board, as should we all.

And the Asian is condescending...has i said I don't think he understands. but he tries.

none the less...they still add to the conversations and still bring up points that we don't. I will listen because of that.

..If you choose to fill your empty vessel listening to and combating their perpetual ignorance than you go right ahead. I'm personally over it. But its quickly coming time to decide if you are going to be part of the solution or part of the problem... #consensusofopinionstimeisaboutover
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Forum :  Topic : 


PostPosted: 2016-12-09 18:07:48     Post subject: Dedicated to Mr. EightFiveOh....

Newsflash: Even if you were fully experienced gay, you are not my type negro...I like darker, taller, waay less judgemental, sane, spiritual intelligent, humorous type dudes..plus that Californicated accent of yours would work my nerves the first hour or two......
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Forum :  Topic : Mayonnaise trump


PostPosted: 2016-12-01 20:10:07     Post subject: Mayonnaise trump

2016-12-01 17:22:32

________________________________________________________!!!! (Giggling)


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Forum :  Topic : Youtube Propaganda


PostPosted: 2016-12-01 20:08:52     Post subject: Youtube Propaganda

the hell going on

First Mayo Trump ...
that whore of a wife he bought over the internet.
and there retarded ass son ... trying to sue somebody ... bitch get over it .. you ALL WILL BE READ TO DUST!!!!!! however ... I don't believe this story ... #propaganda


Then cbs is trying to sue a youtuber #insidejob

youtube is tired of writing checks ... and to big to shut down ... #overit
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Forum :  Topic : Lol @ DCVerse & Kingdra thinking I care enough...


PostPosted: 2016-11-22 02:11:36     Post subject: Lol @ DCVerse & Kingdra thinking I care enough...

This is the last time I'll be addressing y'all. I don't have the attention span for either one of you at this point. And NO I'm not behind the @dcverse__ account. #GetOverYourselves



Thanks for always letting me know what's up @mreightfiveoh cause as you know just about everyone is over this flop of a forum nowadays. I don't keep up with the nonsense anymore. I'm honestly fighting falling asleep as I type this... Laughing
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Forum :  Topic : How dissapointing


PostPosted: 2016-11-21 19:48:05     Post subject: How dissapointing

2016-11-21 15:54:08

Well there would be mess but all the deranged fags blocked me Laughing
@_dominican_ @gcode009
And this hoe @its_2sweet got her wig together so it hasn't tried to bite me lately Laughing blame her comb

2016-11-21 17:22:30

You seem real mad gurl. Did someone try to stick a pencil in that hole you call a chin to see how far it could go again?

2016-11-21 17:25:35

You the one following me around thumbing me down
You steaming in them birds nest filled panties ova derr Laughing

2016-11-21 17:30:01

Oh...you're one of those type of gurls who get pressed over a dislike. Laughing
You keep thinking you're special to me. Laughing

FYI I thumbed down anyone I saw who said they'd hit a woman in that thread.

2016-11-21 18:43:46

Not read ho
You continue to do as I say and come when I beckon you
Good lil gurl Laughing
Wit dat oil spill tumbleweed on dat head
Gur where ya edges?

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Forum : Music Topic : Whitney Who? Beyonce What? Janet Where?


PostPosted: 2016-10-28 21:11:29     Post subject: Whitney Who? Beyonce What? Janet Where?

2016-10-28 18:35:39

you set her up for failure....so rude.

2016-10-28 20:13:05

Name One song that can compare to Dip it Low...I'll wait Laughing

2016-10-28 20:14:18

Amerie....One thing.

2016-10-28 20:18:07


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Forum :  Topic : 


PostPosted: 2016-10-09 16:36:28     Post subject: Fuck all u bitches

imakardashian wrote:
da_goddess_ wrote:
1476016925 Why you so angry this early lol? *fixes us a mimosa with a drop of orange juice*
imakardashian wrote:
1476016977 Bae made me go get him breakfast and it's fucking raining in NYC omg ur so pretty
little_death wrote:


I think I remember you using the term "community pussy" before. You sho did.
Why he look like an overdressed middle schooler kissing the school principal in that default....#adultmenshouldweighover150punds.....๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
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Forum :  Topic : Spitting in a bootyhole. ..


PostPosted: 2016-10-04 09:17:28     Post subject: Spitting in a bootyhole. ..

2015-06-21 23:01:30

Turns me the fuck on! I'm nasty.

2016-10-04 09:12:55

Lube is for those with job... I guess...

I guess especially since they give it away at every gay club since most of the gays in the club have a job right?


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Forum :  Topic : 


PostPosted: 2016-09-28 15:25:26     Post subject: No matter how good the sex is...

If I get a hair in my mouth it's #over
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Forum :  Topic : 


PostPosted: 2016-09-27 10:53:39     Post subject: When Somebody You Cut Off, Hits You Up Again

jdee2014 wrote:
1474941555 Confused Everybody deserves a clean slate why do not think so:
Typical fag looking for a 2nd chance.
#GameOver #GetAJob #NothingHereForYou
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Forum :  Topic : Mega thread: Biggest dick you ever had?


PostPosted: 2016-09-17 13:22:46     Post subject: Mega thread: Biggest dick you ever had?

๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿ‘‰ @dr_revisited ... Now im in ๐Ÿšผโ™ฟ๐Ÿ†˜ #recovery
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Forum :  Topic : 


PostPosted: 2016-09-16 17:45:34     Post subject: If you could choose 8 regs to participate in a bgc reality..

rq1991 wrote:
1474059715 Bennett
Make-a-wish foundation washy
lightskin2016 wrote:
1474065821 Hmmm Tell us why you cast each of those individuals?

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Forum :  Topic : Poll: Should I be an escort tonight?


PostPosted: 2016-09-10 19:54:25     Post subject: Poll: Should I be an escort tonight?

2016-09-10 18:06:55

2016-09-10 19:49:47

LMBAOOOOOOO at this ol' ragggedy mouth, toe up ass, lookin like somebody dug up, and drugged up and fucked up, Sambo Rambo ass bitch talkin bout escorting .... LMABOOOOOOOOOO

Option #3: ... If the muthafuka looking for a better CHEAP TRILLL ... He's better off going to a crackhouse and find a crackhead to wipe him down ... Otherwise, fuckin with your Biggie the Rat lookin ass, he'll have all kinds of rodent like bite marks left on his dick ... LOL

O, so I guess nobody ever offered to pay you for sex. #StayPressedOverMyFont
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Forum :  Topic : Could any of them get the penis?


PostPosted: 2016-08-28 16:36:30     Post subject: Could any of them get the penis?

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Forum :  Topic : i am a biological white woman


PostPosted: 2016-08-19 18:07:10     Post subject: i am a biological white woman

To be obsessed or controlled by anybody or anything outside of yourself is the true meaning of being a slave. I know you are a proud white woman, but there are many white women right now who are slaves to prescription painkillers in the suburbs. #StopTheOverdosing

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Forum :  Topic : 


PostPosted: 2016-08-18 00:09:45     Post subject: @DCVERSE & @GCODE009....Lemme Tell You Muthafuckas Something

dcverse wrote:

I see you have to shave your beard down because most of it is GREY. I recomend this product to retain that youthful look!



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Forum :  Topic : 


PostPosted: 2016-08-11 18:46:52     Post subject: Dangers of Outing: One Friend is Dead and the Other is Dead

jdee2014 wrote:
1470936045 Only faggs do dumb Shit like that. Recording ppl and showing it to others kinda like these sissies on bgc. A mess!!!
Yeah like that time I dicked u down and showed to your homeboy

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Forum :  Topic : 


PostPosted: 2016-08-10 13:49:40     Post subject: Makez Me Wanna #NUT

When I get my foodstampz #Omg I be in a 24/7 orgasmic state I #swearrrrrr. . .

#Say what you want dat $197 be a #bless Smile Smile . . . We can get everything for free basically in #DC,
- cell phone
- housing
- food
- utilities
- health/dental/eye insurance
- & more. . .

Not saying you should strive to rely on this fuck ass #government. . . But when you single black gay 22 yr old male. . .

I don't give no #fucks I'll take da shit for da free-skiiii. . . May not last too much longer hahaha.

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Forum :  Topic : Why do people demonize BLM?????


PostPosted: 2016-08-04 21:18:43     Post subject: Why do people demonize BLM?????

I'm so glad black folks are waking the fuck up on these campuses. Like last year when all the black football players at Mizzou threatened to sit out of a game if the racist student body president wasn't fired. Shit like this puts a huge grin on my face because this mass awkening in the community is a beautiful thing...

Yet predictably, outrage ensued from supporters of Black Lives Matter. The Black Student Union at the University of Houston called not only for Sethiโ€™s suspension from student government, but for her complete removal from that body, using the Twitter hashtag #RemoveRohini to support that cause. The story has gained nationwide attention.

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Forum :  Topic : OLD WORLD ORDER..( regs 2 years or older).....VS our NWO


PostPosted: 2016-08-01 12:30:05     Post subject: OLD WORLD ORDER..( regs 2 years or older).....VS our NWO

these are the regs that were here 2 years or more

it is like you guys are the republicans representing the OWO ( old world order)
old way of running the forums or communicating
it is ok
but not sexy enough

and my liberal stunt king azz reprents the NWO ( NEW WORLD ORDER)
new energy in the forums

its literally two divisions here
and yall love a revolt ...silent laugh


the old forum REGIME is very loyal to each other I will say...maybe because most of you are avatars??....idk
but they DESPISE newbies ....ctfu
or newer upstarts....silent laugh

yall were without a resonanle leader for a while
so you assimilated

but a few of your locals caused a few battles recently....in as tacky a manner as the republicans are known to do

and the old republicans ( regs 2 years plus)reer their heads again as a dominant prescence in the forums....


NEW AGE ( rides in on a RED HORSE)
we are cooler ....young...sexier ..more creative..AND FUN


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Forum : Politics Topic : Bill's DNC Speech........


PostPosted: 2016-07-29 12:18:31     Post subject: Bill's DNC Speech........

2016-07-26 22:30:25

They all come across as cheap car salesmen tryna make a quick lick.

I mean....they are politicians...#ourgovernmentscarsalesmen lol
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Forum :  Topic : People can hate me all they want :D


PostPosted: 2016-07-27 11:47:44     Post subject: People can hate me all they want :D

down to the very fiber of my being.
But they:
1. Dont know me
2. Wont confront me face to face
3. Cant beat me
4. Dont have any power over me
5. Live in denial
6. Pressed n Oppressed
7. Longing for recognition do the most for it and still dont get it. They become bitches for it. Envious
But im not competing.

Only attention I crave is the kind that would be from my own man/husband. No one else.
Yet and still.

im gucci so whats good bgc?
#Ventover #MovingOn

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Forum :  Topic : 


PostPosted: 2016-07-24 22:28:13     Post subject: Good Evening Hillbots!!!

darthchocolate wrote:
1469405284 It's no surprise that this thread is attracting responses that indicate a complete lack of values, morals and principles. The "anything goes" crowd rides hard for the Hillster. No sense enough to know the difference between right and wrong and no backbone to stand up for what's right if you did...
But you post these threads like you know the real, absolute truth...one way or the other..and lets face it. You Do Not. That is why the more of these threads you post, the more you sound like a butt hurt Bernie sympathizer......#hefailedinhisbid #getoverit
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Forum :  Topic : VIRTUAL RACISM.....within the forumz...are you conditioned?


PostPosted: 2016-07-15 18:11:07     Post subject: VIRTUAL RACISM.....within the forumz...are you conditioned?


For instance in the forums A LOT of you PREACH and PREACH of luv for black men who are darker which is commendable

but it is often in vain I have seen or for attention

TRUTH IS darker skinned blacks receive the least attention most times forum wise whereas a new mixed race or super light skin guy can become a virtual over night forum God over night
(or their newest avatar ....lol....yall know these boyz..smh)

and think wow....are we just following the way of US conditioning

it would take an usher colored dude a while to become established here
he kisses ass
is subservient to the standard
or is hypersexualized

its just odd that a LOT of guys who are such BLACK NATIONALISTS at times
flock to people will smiths color and lighter like subconcious clockwork

I make an effort to try and be more universal in my perspective of cultures and most people
and usually do not clique hypocritically to someones skin...whether light dark Brown .white..Latino
I usually prefer to be all inclusive despite my own physical romance preferences to ALL guys

sure we have the individual rights to have specific Preferences in people we associate with

i am just stating an obvious TRUTH fellas

I experienced certain attitudes from certain types here over years definitely....yet I look over it ( esp when words came out of a kinda known mixed regs mouth that rubbed me the wrong way as a black guy twice)
but to some of you being acknowledged by the caste sysytem that would turn their back on your black asses is always a little funny tho

I luv lite skin
dark skin
medium skin
POINT IZ : I just like FLY INDIVIDUALS that HAPPEN to be certain shades

anyway excuse my honest perception


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Forum :  Topic : bi racial dudes are not light skin black guys


PostPosted: 2016-07-10 16:56:17     Post subject: bi racial dudes are not light skin black guys

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