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Forum : Sports Topic : Damn bae you're the perfect shape....


PostPosted: 2017-02-07 07:55:34     Post subject: Damn bae you're the perfect shape....

2017-02-06 20:57:56

Dats ya dude?

2017-02-06 22:00:09


Wow...that is not what I expected that fella to look like at all.........#goodforyou
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PostPosted: 2017-01-06 19:29:16     Post subject: I'M SORRY BUT I HAD TO SHARE THIS....

Wow. I honestly expected to be more of the one sided bs like that other heffer you posted..but I actually agreed with about 80% of what this dude said in this video. For a hetero black man to eloquently speak and take so much objective authority in this situation was absolutely refreshing.

But the one thing that he needs to update himself on is that for most black males, our sexuality is not a game, path choice, lifestyle or an agenda, its a primal part of who we are as a person. For some as integral as skin color and blood type. So all that introspection and envisioning the future man we want to be he was talking about includes our same or bisexuality. You cant separate, hide or suppress it.
That is why it bothers me deeply to hear I love you but I hate or dislike or dont support your homosexuality or bisexuality because ___________. Just like its very hard separating the sin from the sinner, its extremely hard separating a persons sexuality from their persona.

Ultimately, Im from the school of love me for who or what I am; all of it (perhaps even one day unconditionally) respect & support me or DO NOT aim or apply that word at me at all.
Everyone who believes and says that love crap just needs to say I do not support the lifestyle or the behavior but I mean you no harm or ill will and wish you best in your life or on your path...And Just Move On...to the next topic or being coworkers, friends or even relatives. Thats Real Deal To Me....and after then, Id know where we stand and Id know not to invite you to perform with me on Ellen or provide vocals on the queer black dudes song.....

God made me and loves me JUST the way I am and did it for a divine purpose I now somewhat understand. And in his infinite wisdom, knows the god in me will eventually find its way back to the Source through ALL obstacles, mistakes, transgressions, sins, reprobation, ect. That is how God gets his glory (most love & highest of praise) and I was taught that is the meaning of our existence as spiritual beings.

But Kudos to you for finally posting something poignant and purposeful to add to this particular conversation #goodforyou
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Forum : General Discussions Topic :  What Are The Qualities of a GREAT MAN


PostPosted: 2016-09-30 23:52:43     Post subject: What Are The Qualities of a GREAT MAN

2016-09-30 17:33:26

Im interested In Knowing What You Individually Believe Makes An Average Human Male Into A Great Man................

Lets try to construct our responses WITHOUT using a man you think is great for an example and Be Prepared to Defend Your Responses.................

2016-09-30 23:40:10

A great man....

1.Either creates a new element in the world or creates a new perspective
2. Has a code that he vigorously lives by
3. sees a cause as more important than himself by a long shot
4. doesn't accomplish anything for the sake of it being a personal accomplishment.
5. Is a powerful presence that u can feel just by being around them. (charisma)
6. Has great knowledge or great understanding
7. Thinks that fighting uphill and fighting downhill are the same thing.
8. Works hard to accomplish something
9. Leaves an impact on every person that encounters them or is aware of them.

THIS list reads like a fully, actualized man and most of things listed here are what separates a GREAT man from just a bunch of GOOD men.......
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PostPosted: 2016-05-21 11:41:10     Post subject: MY TRANSGENDER MOTHER....PLEASE MEET HER

2016-05-21 02:25:04

kelly is 100% drama honest but dramatic never a dull moment

2016-05-21 10:05:11

Is Kelly still in prison?

2016-05-21 10:28:47

why are trannies always going to prison? Laughing

2016-05-21 11:36:01

Bitch, you'll be serving time with her, lol.

never that! my game too tight you know how many charges i done had dismissed this year alone? #certifiedbadbitch #FDAapproved #abadbitchisgoodforyoursoul
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PostPosted: 2016-02-03 18:55:43     Post subject: A new video from my forum daddy ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

olive-p wrote:

fuck_me_chris wrote:
olive-p wrote:

I looooove it when every negative, nasty, unprovoked thing I say about a nappy headed closet queen turns out to be actual and factual....
You are toliet paper that faggotry wipes its diarrhea blown ass with...ive known this for years.....now everyone else in here knows it, aswell....

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Forum :  Topic : SHITN ME....


PostPosted: 2016-02-03 12:51:49     Post subject: SHITN ME....

2016-02-02 18:16:15


I looooove it when every negative, nasty, unprovoked thing I say about a nappy headed closet queen turns out to be actual and factual....
You are toliet paper that faggotry wipes its diarrhea blown ass with...ive known this for years.....now everyone else in here knows it, aswell....

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Forum :  Topic : Man oh man😍😍😍


PostPosted: 2016-02-02 13:34:07     Post subject: Man oh man😍😍😍

2016-02-02 13:11:22

My nigga amaze me everyday from the intense kissing and body grabbing, I cook him food, he orders me food to work. We laugh at the dumbest shit I wouldn't wanna kick it with no others dude besides him. I got love for that boi. Lol he licked my stomach all night cause I shaved it lol😍😍😍😜. Yall better get a boo missing around aint wassup!

Anything that encourages you to move out from living with your mama and those ratchet azz brothers you got ..i am allll for....lol #goodforyouandgoodluck
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Forum : General Discussions Topic : BGCLIVE: HOW DO WE FIX BLACK GAY THING?...


PostPosted: 2015-11-13 14:16:03     Post subject: BGCLIVE: HOW DO WE FIX BLACK GAY THING?...

2015-11-13 13:33:45

Valuing your own self worth.. How can you expect to be a positive reinforcement to ANYONE if you cant even be positive about yourself. How can you ever expect someone to take you and respect you for the person that you are if you don't even respect yourself enough to value who you are..

Once you realize that you as a person are beautiful and that NO ONE can take it from you, you will find a happiness that is beyond eternal. A lot of guys embark on dangerous paths because they don't feel as if they have anything to offer.. they feel as if they're a waste so they don't mind wasting away their life because, they don't know what true happiness is.. they think they need a man to make them happy or need to fit in with the supposed cool crowd in order to be happy..

when you start to value your own self worth you will find true happiness.. and that happiness breeds positivity.. and this positivity is what we need in order for true change to occur in our community..

just my opinion however

Surprisingly deep and thorough sir......#goodforyou
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Forum : Music Topic : MUSICOLOGY & ICONOLATRY: Janet vs Beyonce


PostPosted: 2015-08-24 19:00:08     Post subject: MUSICOLOGY & ICONOLATRY: Janet vs Beyonce

2015-08-23 20:47:00

Janet's TRIUMPHANT return to the music scene has seemingly caused a slight stir in certain gaylinnials who blindly worship Beyonce Knowles-Carter. There is no question that in her much shorter solo career Miss Carter has been more lauded award-wise than Janet but Bey has yet to achieve the level of job performance or raw impact on musical culture that Janet Jackson has gained in her 30 plus year career as a recording artist.....

Now I was going to compile something of a short working resume for both ladies and let you decide WHO IS CAPABLE OF SNATCHING WHOSE HAIR PIECES but I think I am going to let you the forum audience PLEAD both cases and let the SCALPS fall where they may------------------

#Janet #janetjackson #if #planetjanet #bey #beyonce #hive #kingbey

2015-08-24 10:05:52

I am fans of both, but I have to give it to Ms. Janet. Janet has paved the way for many performers today like Beyonce. Beyonce admire MJ true, but she studied and copies Janet as well. True enough Beyonce's voice is stronger, but that doesn't mean that her voice is better. Janet's voice is so distinctive, angelic, and smooth. In my opinion, Janet has better selection of music (I like Bey's shit too but more so Janet), and her dance moves are cleaner sensual and hard. Its not over the top. Janet's shit just makes you wanna dance. If, Control, Pleasure Principle, Rhythm Nation, Alright With Me, Escapade, Love Will Never Do, That's The Way Love Goes, Together Again, Feedback, All For You, Does It Really Matter, So Excited, All Nite remix ect....

Janet has nothing to prove to anyone. She don't seek attention like Beyonce does. Ms. Jackson is a legend and iconic. No disrespect to Beyonce's hustle, Janet is still Queen.

This is what im talking about in having a intelligent discussion of the facts....and if I ask for receipts to support what you said here--you could easily produce them
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Forum : Music Topic : Do you run to the block/ignore button when getting dragged?


PostPosted: 2014-03-13 18:11:27     Post subject: Do you run to the block/ignore button when getting dragged?

2014-03-11 18:45:36

LMAO @ @850uknowuknow being the person behind that @msbytchdotcom (aka: @faghagqueen ) account.

He should know that hiding behind a fake account of a woman still won't hide his womanly faggot flaws.

2014-03-12 13:46:14


CWIND you always have the tea. Inbox me your identity please. I wanna know who is behind this account. Between me and you, I swear.

2014-03-13 12:59:11

Miss Taye, Miss Taye.........still unemployed and uneducated after all these years? lol..........it really does take Dynamic to get on that banana-pepper shaped body and beetle-like mug.....................

2014-03-13 15:49:18

Cunt Slave, get off my quote button. I don't have time to entertain your weak ass bullshit.


2014-03-13 17:18:04

Then you need to shut the fuck up and stop instigating bullshit and I better NEVER EVER find out that you is CWIND on a fake account or ima send Drfeelgoodgood to your roach motel to kick off in that lop-sided booty LOL

2014-03-13 17:31:00


#1 Apply your advice to yourself. I don't need or want it. Idea

#2. Report me if I have multiple accounts. I'll still be here on this account after you report it based on your false assumptions.

Anything else, grandpa?

Im sure you will..you keep them fake and back up accounts back-logged any fucking way. BUT one thing I will commend you on is keeping that horrid mug out the forums these days #goodforyou
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PostPosted: 2014-03-02 10:26:15     Post subject: 5 TOP REASONS WHY SUCCESSFUL/EDUCATED BLACKS DATE OUTSIDE...

ghangstana wrote:
1393490484 top 5 reasons why successful black gays date outside of thier race/ethnicity (applies to sucessful gay black men)

yes we all know that successful gay & str8 black men are usually never caught dead dating other blacks.......most of them dont even have a close circle of black friends....they have a diverse circle of close friends....they'll have 2 black friends in that circle, 2 or 3 white friends, and Asian friend, and a maybe 1 latino friend...usually they Asian guy tends to be his BEST friend....

now let me list the reasons why I THINK this occurs

1. UPBRINGING....most of these successful black men are not from the hood. They were born and raised in the suburbs...usually in diverse middle upperclass settings where the black population is very low...with that being said, most of them have had more interactions with non blacks....they've learned to assimilate into non black demographics better than demographically black enviroments....

2. PERCEPTION....yessss!...this is a huge one...In the black community, we all know every black man that speaks regular english is considered to be "acting white"...he is sometimes called an Oreo....he is ridiculed and shunned by other blacks for his speech and word choice....he grows up knowing that most blacks will look at him differently because of the way he speaks....on the other hand, whites and non blacks will embrace him faster because he speaks just like them....he feels like an outcast among his own people...he limits his interactions with blacks NOT because he hates blacks....but because he knows most blacks react funny when they hear his grammar...with that being said, most blacks wont give him the time of day...we all know black women like hood niggas and athletes....they dont care for the proper kind....black gays are the same....Most black gays will date a thug in a heartbeat...they'll date a thug that cant speak for shit before they'll date a negro that speaks regular english....DONT ACT YOU DONT KNOW WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT...you already know how these fags operate....on the flipside, white boys will be all over this dude, because he sounds like he has some common sense...he then stops attempting to pursue blacks cuz they never gave him a chance anyway....why would he?...it makes sense....

3. EDUCATION....i've never met a well spoken black man without degree or a few degrees...with that in mind, tell me why an academically succesful black man will have an anything in common with the average black man...what will they talk about?......whether you want to believe or not, Education enhances dialogue....a smart college educated black man is more likely to vibe other educated people....we all know education is not a priority for black males....so tell me how this highly educated dude is going to bond with most black dudes?...im not saying uneducated black men are stupid....they just have a different swag that most educated black men cant sync with...its the truth....i dont need yall to rebuttal this FACT...Any smart person wants to date or hang out with people that are equally or even more educated than they are just like rich people prefer to hang out with other rich people...birds of the same feathers flock together.....and besides while this guy was busting his ass in school....sleepless night studying for that MCAT....while he was doing his best, you were at the club and sizzle maimi....inferno DR....you were at blatino oasis shaking ass and prancing around aimlessly......lmao...you think he wants to waste his time on 70% of you fags after he has suffered?....NEVER!

4. RELATIONSHIPS....yessss!...this is a huge one too....black gay men dont take relationships seriously at all....seems like non blacks take relationship very seriously....from my experience, non black gay men tend to be dedicated especially if their dating a black man.....also, i see way more black/white LONG TERM gay relationships than black/black gay relationships...i see alot of serious black/asian relationships than anything....black/black relationships come with alot of DRAMA....ex boyfriend drama.....he said she said they said nonsense....yes white boys have their flaws, but when a white dude has your back, he's rolling with you till the end....through thick and thin...a black dude will bounce when shit goes left....latinos will tolerate more but they'll leave....but a white dude or an asian will stay much longer....ALSO, most non black gays WANT MORE out of this gay life....they wants KIDS....they want SAME SEX MARRIAGE....they want SAME SEX FAMILIES....most black gay men dont care for these aspects....so tell me why a succesful and educated black gay man isnt more likely to date a white, Asian, mixed dude that values these things?....most of you fags want to be BFFs..."BOY FRIENDS FOREVER"...no kids...no marriage....just sucking dick after dick....boyfriend after boyfriend....you think successful smart black gay men dont know how yall think?....they already know....the typical black gay bottom is satisfied with a weekly supply of DICK.....the typical black top just wants a submissive boyfriend that will never turn him down for anything....these desperate black bottoms will pay your bills and cook for a nigga as long as the PIPE GAME is on point....no matter how bad this top treats his dude, a black bottom will stay just because of the sex....he'll do anything for dick...lmao...

5. TASTE, NATURE, PREFERENCES....most highly educated and successful black men dont really engage in anything "stereotypical black"....they're not really deep into hip hop....he might be into coldplay, maroon 5, trance, or ol school rap with SUBSTANCE.....maybe dido or tracy chapman....eclectic sounds......they're not really into urban street clothes....maybe some armani exchange, ZARA leather jackets, aldo shoes, banana republic...shit like that...maybe vans instead of overpriced jordans.....he's more likely to be heavy into yoga....more likely to wear cologne everyday....more likely to bar hop than club hop....you know what i mean...lmao...he's into shit most of you fags find weird or "different"....he's more mainstream i guess....

yes i know....alot of generalizations, stereotypes and negatives but stereotypes and generalizations are always 60 to 70% true....people just dont pull stereotypes out of ass holes.....thumbs me down if you want....but you cant this is the "realest" shit you've ever read....appreciate the honesty...

stop analyzing my grammar heaux....this is not english 101....absorb the message...i dont proof read shit and you are not the chairman of bgc's grammatical error department......
bdotharrison wrote:
1393751891 I'm mad you just described me in this post lmao!! Coldplay is my favorite band (seriously) and I went to a VERY diverse school. I got made fun of growing up because I spoke very "proper" and I was called an oreo in high school (endearingly of course). My family was very political- my grandfather was a politician- state rep and mayor of my hometown so EVERYONE knew my family and the family name so we couple be wild and crazy haha the only thing is I have a black boyfriend...but he's a classical singer who studies opera at his university haha
Which means that if you patient and diligent in what you looking for you can find someone on your level that just happens to be the same race as you..#goodforyou
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Forum :  Topic : So Im hanging out with this guy Im crushing on.


PostPosted: 2013-08-12 22:03:01     Post subject: So Im hanging out with this guy Im crushing on.

2013-08-12 20:53:37

He's ok, does nothing for me.

just be yourself on the date though, if you become a little awkward that's ok, if he's really into you I'm sure he wouldn't care about your awkwardness.

Does he know that you take his pictures and post them on random sites? If I was dating a dude and I found out that he was posting my personal pictures everywhere online I'd smack the fucking taste out of his mouth, that's messy fag shit.

2013-08-12 21:20:34

2013-08-12 21:45:37

I can't stop looking @ that gif...

2013-08-12 21:48:47

lol I think he was running his fucking mouth and thought he was rubbing on his own knee and realized he wasn't...lol perfectly innocent but makes for a great no homo gif Smile

2013-08-12 21:54:31

to me it looks like he was trying 2 describe/act out something that happened to him cuz the sexy bald head guy nodded his head like he understood wat he meant.

Hmmm! THAT is also a very good interpretation of the happenings in that gif #goodforyou Smile
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Forum :  Topic : 


PostPosted: 2013-05-15 13:16:33     Post subject: BGCLIVE I Have Just One Question...

850famuman wrote:

2way_street wrote:
1368632852 Please...

I know ur really not concerned about other people's opinion of you or how they feel about ur comments...

On another note, I prefer "Wherever You Are"
LOL which is why I normally do not post these self-introspective type threads..and you are the second person in this thread to be aware of that very real fact..........#goodforyou

AND this entire album was slept on in my opinion...it was far more traditional soul/rhythm and blues than the pop n b En Vogue was putting out as an entire group in the 90's.
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Forum :  Topic : As of today, Monday, December 10, 2012...


PostPosted: 2012-12-10 17:51:37     Post subject: As of today, Monday, December 10, 2012...

Now, be honest: How scared were you December 9th?

#thanksfortheupdate #goodforyou
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PostPosted: 2012-08-25 21:46:43     Post subject: worst transexual attempt to date!!!

jgreer25 wrote:
1345600487 He's definitely not the worse though, trust me. Although pretty close to it...
missofficial wrote:
1345947823 and im glad to be close to it.! thank you.!
jgreer25 wrote:
missofficial wrote:
1345949069 sweety im saying in general too, your comments didnt effect me none of the negative ones did, ive had alot worst comments in my life time then these lil nothing comments.! i could never be mad cause at the end of they day none of these people pay my bills or take care of me so its nothing.! and i know you didnt come from a mean place sweety and if you did i could care less.! its gucci in my world i like these comments and posts
Aww, well I'm very glad u feel that way #goodforyou
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