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Forum :  Topic : Man bun official


PostPosted: 18 hrs ago    Post subject: Man bun official

1 days ago


I would share my opinion, but

And don't bother sending your forum yes-men after me with your serpent sorcery...

because I am #Coverdt

23 hrs ago

lol I figured out who you are now
And wym

23 hrs ago

18 hrs ago

she's that crazy bitch that deleted her account and made a new one to stalk someone who rejected and blocked her #facts
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Forum :  Topic : Falling for an escort


PostPosted: 3 days ago    Post subject:

You can't make a ho wifey. #FACTS
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Forum : General Discussions Topic : QUESTION: Can you PEE with a HARD dick???


PostPosted: 5 days ago    Post subject: QUESTION: Can you PEE with a HARD dick???

2011-12-12 02:15:47

Yes. I do it every morning.
Its very difficult, but it can be done.

5 days ago

Rolling Eyes

5 days ago

Thats facts.

5 days ago

Laughing i had to stop myself from sayin somethin that would REALLY make you block the shit out of me for eternity

5 days ago

Go ahead. Show yourself.

5 days ago

Here she is....

Or maybe this is her REAL photo...

5 days ago

betcha $50 he not gonna quote you back Laughing

5 days ago

Your imaginary control over a grown man will only last but so long! Wait til he sees how TRULY mentally unstable you are along with financially and socially dangerous you are! LOL!

You'll be "dragging" him in the forum like you do pretty much everyone you come in contact with!

Oh, but being that I don't know him neither, that account could be yet another one of your fake accounts with plenty of conversations and love interests for.

You's a PATHETIC KKKrazy ass wart faced criminal faggot with chapped lips, untreated HIV with a substance abuse problem! Bye KKKunt!

5 days ago

it's not even control, you wouldn't understand what it is if you haven't figured it out by YOUR age.

i get it. you're mad at me for clocking you for being a lonely, creepy, thirsty old faggot. shouldn't you be running around the forums trying to fuck and suck everything with a pulse? don't let lil ole ME cockblock you Laughing

the bitch you're obsessed with

5 days ago

Sorry Wart Hog! Not buying ANY of your bullshit! You're mentally unstable and ALL of the forum peeps see you for what you are... A DERANGED PUS FILLED TWAT...toxicity to ALL of society...your arrest record proves this! Faggot assed degenerate!

mentally unstable? Neutral coming from my forum stalker that's rich Laughing

i get it, i drowned you and you're still struggling to come up for air, you're going to still be mad long after i've forgotten you even exist #facts
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Forum :  Topic : realwomannj is "frank hughes" lovepeacesoul


PostPosted: 7 days ago    Post subject: realwomannj is frank hughes lovepeacesoul


that's why she's coming for me, cuz i exposed one of her most infamous forum reg accounts Laughing

frank hughes as we know him doesn't exist. obviously it's a real person, but the pics and videos are all stolen from someone else, that's why he won't post a proof pic only pre-recorded videos, that facebook page is fake too who wants me to screenshot where she ADMITTED to jacking the pics and making a facebook page with them???

i won't stunt on yall she had me fooled too
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Forum :  Topic : LGBTQ Is A White Creation


PostPosted: 9 days ago    Post subject: LGBTQ Is A White Creation

9 days ago

Yep the creeps are for their people and we can join to push their agenda but will never help our cause.

9 days ago

I am shocked at the number of Black SGL men who are so inclined to forgive these demons who despise us so.

9 days ago

Most of the are part of the let me get in so I'll fit in crew

#FACTS Black SGL men are so mind fucked that they do not even know they are. smmfh
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Forum :  Topic : What are u AS FUCK as? According to your astrological sign.


PostPosted: 9 days ago    Post subject:

9 days ago

That shit is wrong. Libras are smart and intelligent af. Also, we rule the zodiac.

9 days ago


Stay mad, mf. Libras are not represented by any person, animal or creature. #FACTS #LibrasRule
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Forum :  Topic : Y not cum???


PostPosted: 10 days ago    Post subject: Y not cum???

10 days ago

i dont know wat he is talking bout but i do agree they are pleasers but i need for eryone to cum or wats da point

10 days ago

What is your position sexually son

10 days ago

first off im not ur son bro second it doesnt matter wat position a man cant have an orgasm without ejaculation

Youre clearly unlearned ....

And furthermore...youll be whatever i say

Now be humble and sit tf down

Have a nice night son



Silent laugh
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Forum :  Topic : 


PostPosted: 19 days ago    Post subject: Expose all dl men. #tuh

If this is the case, many a trans woman will have to find another line of work.

Money will dry up and they will have to find work elsewhere. A lot of people are not going to be able to make the transition.

Actually, I hope more transwomen DO out DL men. This will cause these knuckleheads to reevaluate their lives and stop spending their time, money and energy and focus on what matters most.

However, where we diverge on agreement with this subject is the fact that transwomen (and Black SGL men) allow these dudes into their lives rather than reject them out of hand. This is a two way and not a one way street. Blame should be had on both sides.
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Forum :  Topic : Cars that you like...


PostPosted: 22 days ago    Post subject: Cars that you like...

Ugly audi?....

What kind of white guy are you anyway?... Laughing
You'll never hear a real white boy or a classy black man say Audi is Ugly....LIKE NEVER....

And any time a white person says Audi is ugly it tells you they are WHITE TRASH....

Pay attention you all....this dude is straight up WHITE TRASH...
cuz only a low life white person would make a comment like that....

And if you pay attention to consumer reports, the rankings for best made cars are...
1. Toyota
2. Lexus
3. Audi

And I have receipts to support that #FACT so don't even try it.....

I swear...I stay away from white trash white boys...they usually don't know anything eventhough they act like they know.....Just pay attention to the kind of comments a white person makes and you'll know how they wipe their ass....
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Forum :  Topic : Being gay in the black barbershop


PostPosted: 22 days ago    Post subject: Being gay in the black barbershop

23 days ago



23 days ago

Most black barbershops now aren't just men in them now. The times have changed. You have men and women in them. You have men doing women hair and women doing men hair and some doing both. My barber in Memphis is a woman and she does men and women hair, but my barber in Nashville does only men hair but it is a barber shop and salon combined in one location for both cities Sexuality and sexual orientation in the black hair industry has come a long way because of gays. You got straight men who will let a gay dude do their hair before they let anyone else do it now.

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Forum :  Topic : Being gay in the black barbershop


PostPosted: 22 days ago    Post subject: Being gay in the black barbershop

I am so glad that I have my own clippers and shape-up tools. I stopped going to the barber a long time ago. When I went, it was to get my hair cut and nothing more. Leave to fags to get their kicks off something that should be so mundane.

With the "release" of this "documentary", this will make Black hetero men even more homophobic than they already are.

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Forum :  Topic : Stuck on bgc living vicariously thru my old photos of great


PostPosted: 23 days ago    Post subject: Stuck on bgc living vicariously thru my old photos of great

23 days ago

But who is this directed to I get tired of you making these threads and not mentioning the people.

Whateva faggot steadily jocking my shit ...

Bitch nigga is obsessed with my azz i see

Deranged azz monkeys

Itz sooooo many monkeys in hea #factz
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Forum :  Topic : Stuck on bgc living vicariously thru my old photos of great


PostPosted: 23 days ago    Post subject: Stuck on bgc living vicariously thru my old photos of great

Dumb..desperate...and disparaged hoz in hea do the most

You fruit blendz of bitch are the weakest faggot breed this side of the fukn galaxy

I could neva eva fuck with an average NON MAN AZZ NIGGA Wink

Broke niggas who copy n paste with network wetdreams of what i be like
Doing the same shit ya jealous ass did 3 years ago
You shittily looking the same as 3 years ago?
Worst off you still broke

Get the fuck off my dick broke bitch


Puzzy azz nigga u tried


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Forum : General Discussions Topic : Did the Beehive ruin her career?


PostPosted: 25 days ago    Post subject: Did the Beehive ruin her career?

I cant stand Beyonce's delusional fans they're
all loud mouth queens. Especially the funny
looking bald headed one's.


*pulls blunt*
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Forum :  Topic : blank session: niggas can name they favorite pornstar


PostPosted: 29 days ago    Post subject: blank session: niggas can name they favorite pornstar

but don't know their mayor, senators or governor, none of their lawmakers and wanna cry when a nigga gets shot by a cop and the cop isn't charged.

if you not participatin in the system then your hashtags and crocodile tears on instagram ain't worth a bucket of sloth piss Arrow #gargantuanfacts #wakethefuckup #turnoffthepornandpickupagoddamnbook #moreangryhashtagsaboutyourfuckeryfaggotryandcomplacency
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Forum :  Topic : IT'S A WRAP...IT'S DONE ...IT'S OVER....


PostPosted: 2017-07-24 04:53:15     Post subject: IT'S A WRAP...IT'S DONE ...IT'S OVER....

2017-07-23 18:45:54

These old heads are still going at it...

2017-07-24 00:38:54


You can always be found in this forum posting some type of admonishment or rebuke for these niggas just like you accuse me of doing.

But, your ass is every bit as fucked up and ratchet as the people over whom you presume to Lord yourself over.

You aren't beyond using your bully pulpit to keep them in the place that you've in your arrogance assigned for them, which is in a non-confrontational acquiescent state of fear of being your next target.

You're a sad pathetic little sissy pretending to be in cyberspace what you have never managed to be in real life.

An intelligent, proud, and caring person.

Nigga, you don't give a damn about what Frank or anyone else has to say about gay people or their issues, You only care about what he says makes your delusional ass feels about you being gay.

It's called cognitive dissonance. You care iabout it as it relates to you, but anybody else, you clearly don't give a damn, because you're psychopathy doesn't allow you to feel concern for others.

You're on here daily trying to humiliate your fellow Sodomite men, but it's suddenly a problem of disrespect when anyone other than you does it for actual reasons of caring and compassion for others.




It's really not that deep....

I don't care for frank and anything he says about gays.....matter of fact, I don't respect any grown man in his 40s constantly talking trash and arguing with gays HALF HIS AGE.....Nothing he says matters....

If you're truly paying attention LIKE YOU INSINUATE, you'd realize I never post in any of frank's threads..and I don't open them to even waste my time....and the only reason why I'm in this thread is purely for entertainment....WHILES I'M AT WORK IN MY OFFICE...

Any time, you see me on BGC, it means at work...means A PAYCHECK IS ATTACHED to whatever comment I'm posting....unlike you unproductive fags that stay on BGC for aimless reasons, I'm actually getting paid to bullshit with you all... I'm on here DAILY because I get money DAILY....lol.... #FACTS .... You'll never catch me on BGC without a paycheck attached....I don't go home and log onto BGC....nah....I actually have errands to run when I get home...and BGC is a very distant thought....

Now all this stuff about folks not giving fuck...YOU'RE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT....I don't give a fuck about 97% of you fags....I don't know you all in REAL LIFE....so why should I care?....There are about 4 regs I care about....besides them, I couldn't give a flying fuck....and I really don't give a fuck about most people in general....cuz I've realized most people are opportunists...liars....thieves....and unpredictable.....and NOT SERIOUS ABOUT LIFE....most of them lack ambition....especially here in Chicago......

HUMILIATION?....ME???....the NEGATIVITY you fags spew is 100 times much worse than anything I say.....trust me...you fags shade to destroy and break spirits....I just do FUN SHADE....ALL FUN....never serious....what you fags do on here is DEEP SHADE......Bgc is not that deep for me to do deep shade...nah.....but of course, it's entertainment for me....but ofcourse if a faggot wants to take it there, I'LL FINISH IT....cuz like I said, I'm getting paid....I have enough time to go back and forth as long as my cashflow is in order.....

Assume what you want....you never when to med school to become a psychiatrist but you think you're knowledgeable to diagnose....Diagnose yourself...cuz you're obviously too invested into this website....seems like you have an extreme case of COGNITIVE FAGGOTRY....
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PostPosted: 2017-07-15 21:22:58     Post subject: COUPLE OF BEATS IM WORKING ON A SNIPPET

2017-07-15 20:59:31

heres another

of my beats go on do what you do best


Why didn't you quote me back?
Laughing keep listening to these jealous
bgc faggots if you want to. That bumb is just
mad and he's a hater.

And your non singing ass believed him. Your beats
are cool but your voice is horrid. #facts

*pulls blunt*
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Forum :  Topic : 


PostPosted: 2017-07-15 13:30:08     Post subject: dear southern rappers: i'm done with you. done.

therealhubby wrote:
1500122660 T.I., Yung Jeezy, Lil Wayne, Ludacris, Gucci, Future nuff said.
buffysummers wrote:
1500139596 "young jeezy, lil wayne, future"

you're NOT making the point that you think they're making, jeezy is overrated, lil wayne is overrated codeine addict who steals lyrics and owes most of his hit singles to hot production rather than his forgettable (and often, as mentioned, stolen) lyrics.

ludacris is from the midwest so you've failed to make a splash sis i'm sorry.
therealhubby wrote:
1500143134 Bitch please Ludacris is from Atlanta, Nelly is Mid-Western cunt.
ludacris was born in illinois and didn't move to atlanta til he was 9, dead @ one of the few good southern rappers not even being from the south

and when the midwest and coasts have twista, tech 9, eminem, jay-z, tupac, biggie, inspectah deck, and the best YOU can offer is gucci mane and future you're SCREWED! Idea the WORST midwest rappers are better than half the BEST southern rappers #facts
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Forum :  Topic : You jail house hoes get no sympathy


PostPosted: 2017-07-15 01:25:05     Post subject: You jail house hoes get no sympathy

2017-07-14 17:32:42

Did you go to prison or something &
are you really in Las Vegas?

*pulls blunt*

2017-07-14 18:32:16

You nosy as hell fag

2017-07-14 18:37:01

Im certainly curious as to how many times you been arrested, dewigged, and jailed, Bimbo Brickens ???

2017-07-14 19:00:07

Want my name so you can look me up in the system sis?

2017-07-14 21:33:36

Not if its not your government name, skank..i dont want no crappy name you go by in the streets but too cheap to go to the courthouse and get it changed......

2017-07-14 21:58:34

I meant my government name but NVM....

2017-07-14 22:02:56

2017-07-14 22:10:26

But speaking of criminal record I looked up yours Laughing nothing much just little traffic violations like failing to yield and driving without a driver's license Laughing nothing too major congrats sis

2017-07-14 22:52:05

And Now Youre Lying Yet Again....

2017-07-14 23:54:57

2017-07-15 00:04:49

...lol lol lol you are truly not that bright, huh?

2017-07-15 00:09:14

2017-07-15 00:15:25

Thats cool..because you will one day soon, stupid stupid boy........you will give several damns, fucks, and shits...#markmywords

2017-07-15 00:45:47

Honey you have been dragged for like 3 years now and nothing g has happened to anyone you filed a report on Laughing

And not one minute of those two years has any of this so called dragging been done by you, ugly...there is not one argument or battle of words youve won against me even with help from DCJughead and Anorexia Ghostskins.....#FACTS
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Forum :  Topic : Phenomenal Woman...


PostPosted: 2017-07-13 20:06:26     Post subject: Phenomenal Woman...

2017-07-13 19:46:01

...."WHEN YOU LEARN TEACH" maya angelou

2017-07-13 19:55:18

Lol huh broski???

2017-07-13 20:01:43

A famous quote of hers

2017-07-13 20:04:01

Lol ok I had a blonde moment, "When you teach learn." Lol!!!

sis you live a blonde life #facts
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PostPosted: 2017-07-10 13:49:08     Post subject: IF U LOOK SO GOOD WHY HATE ON SOME1 ELSE...U HAVE EVERYTHING

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Forum :  Topic : Feminine gays are hypocrites.


PostPosted: 2017-07-10 13:13:35     Post subject: Feminine gays are hypocrites.

2017-01-24 10:41:14

Not only are you hypocrites but you're also
delusional if you don't see this.

If you're going to be a mean girl STAND BY YOUR

I did not want to bump that thread, so I will reply to you in this one:

What you said:

Smh...don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t twist my shit up and make something
look like it\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s not....Me and this baboon used to fight
everyday...I only fought with him because it was fun.
I NEVER SAID I was appalled...That\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s lie number 1.
I NEVER SAID \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"I hope she get what\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s coming to her\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"
Lie number 2. I hope no one on here gets in trouble
for doing anything stupid. Like I said seconds ago
it was fun fighting with him. He was actually making
me laugh. Look at his wig that shit doesn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t make you
fall on the floor dying of laughter?

There you go, everything you posted was either a lie
or an exaggerated observation in an attempt to piss
me off. You failed. So what now? Are you going to call
it quits or are you gonna TRY to twist some more shit
up mixed with a couple of lies? Let me know soon or
leave it alone *slams down shot glass*

*pulls blunt*

1) You said: I NEVER SAID I was appalled...That\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s lie number 1.

You did not use the exact word appalled, but you did say:

Disgusting is not the word...
It\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s being taken WAY TOO FAR.


People who usually do
disgusting shit like this

2) You said: I NEVER SAID \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"I hope she get what\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s coming to her\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"
Lie number 2.

But you said:
I hope to God these people you\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'re
exploiting fight to the death to get you and I hope
all these threads are being saved by the victims.

You also said:

I, personally
would stop at nothing, even spending my own
money if I had to to catch him.

3)And to top it off, you said:

I honestly don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t
want to see you get in trouble. #facts. I don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t think
you\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'re a bad person I think you\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'re just caught up
in trying to be the messiest on bgc for attention.

I was implying that you like her. You changed your stance several times and defended her saying she was not a bad person, despite her actions allegedly being beyond disgusting.

I did not twist anything. Your words.

4)And as far as slamming down shot glasses, let me tell you something.

You fu(k up my shot glass, I will fu(k you up. I will light your little self up with shots.

BANG BANG, muddafucca!

I want to see you pull any blunt when it is all wet.

I am from the islands. We do not play that gun nonsense. We drown you.

You already know who it is @eminado aka @melaninshorty aka @thebottomdollar

Follow me on Soundcloud and check out my new mixtape:

The Femme F@gtale

*puts out your blunt*
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Forum :  Topic : In honor of their culture they came to Virginia yesterday


PostPosted: 2017-07-10 06:43:36     Post subject: In honor of their culture they came to Virginia yesterday

Whites are so circling the drain. Meanwhile, I did not see any hispanics marching. So you wont see me at their immigration rallies.

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Forum :  Topic : Talking to certain hoz ..will have me NOT fucking with u


PostPosted: 2017-07-10 03:57:36     Post subject: Talking to certain hoz ..will have me NOT fucking with u

It will be as if you never existed and i will block yo azz untill i retire from bgc #fact
Because i dont need you...they do

Ask the current sapless muahfukas i have blocked with no end going on 2 years to which they need alternate accounts to talk to me ๐Ÿ’ก

I dont fuk with people negatively...so trying me is a sin bitch โœ”

I STRONGLY dislike some of you so much

That other muahfukas who talks to a bitch like that

Will never know my grace again..ever

I detest lesser hoz with too much lip..as if


So if you find yourself blocked
Its because you do not exist to me...and i prefer not to see you...ever again

Thankz tho
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Forum :  Topic : Ms. Chevon bailey aka biguy954 aka @version02


PostPosted: 2017-07-09 16:12:24     Post subject: Ms. Chevon bailey aka biguy954 aka @version02

2017-07-09 14:28:53

People go to prison for doing shit like this.
Your pic of you in drag, your original male
pic is on this site and the state you live in
is known. It wouldn't take detectives long to
find you especially with the help of bgc owners
providing your ip address.

Just because this is the Internet does not save
you from felony crimes. People who usually do
disgusting shit like this are usually smart and
anonymous. I hope to God these people you're
exploiting fight to the death to get you and I hope
all these threads are being saved by the victims.

It's not cute what you're doing because you're taking
it way too far. You're no longer just posting pics to make
fun of someone you're posting peoples family with their
address. That is a crime and people have went to prison
for it. It's not that serious. You should lock this thread
and stop before you really end up in deep shit. IT CAN

*pulls blunt*

2017-07-09 16:04:38

Hahaha hey came face you still mad?

I'm actually not mad. Me and you going back
and forth was innocent fun to me. We both
made jokes at each other and I was actually
having fun talking to you. You were one of
the "fun" ones to me and believe it or not some
days I only posted because you were on...

We let it go after a while and that was that but
you're taking shit way too far now and I honestly don't
want to see you get in trouble. #facts. I don't think
you're a bad person I think you're just caught up
in trying to be the messiest on bgc for attention.

Not mad at all more worried for you.

*pulls blunt*
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Forum :  Topic : Yea bottomz im showing da azz..deal wit it


PostPosted: 2017-07-09 05:30:23     Post subject: Yea bottomz im showing da azz..deal wit it

2017-07-07 01:37:12

What bottoms are exactly bothered by this?

If anything it sounds like a top would clown you and say you are really a bottom.

They couldnt when they all have been in my inbox tryna skype thiz dick ๐Ÿ’ก

The majority โœ”

Im your favorite forum topz late night secret dick ๐Ÿ’ก

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Forum :  Topic : Speaking truth to power


PostPosted: 2017-07-09 00:11:05     Post subject:

This woman speaks FACTS.

She is so right when she says "throw the propaganda machine away"

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Forum :  Topic : For Tops Who Like Boi Pussy 24


PostPosted: 2017-07-08 07:56:39     Post subject: For Tops Who Like Boi Pussy 24

2017-06-12 06:55:42





And you should stay away from cams and mirrors.
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Forum :  Topic : The Planet's Destruction


PostPosted: 2017-07-06 05:50:55     Post subject: The Planet's Destruction

The coming war will be started by a white and everyone on the planet will suffer because of it.

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Forum :  Topic : For Tops Who Like Boi Pussy 42


PostPosted: 2017-07-05 05:28:34     Post subject: For Tops Who Like Boi Pussy 42

Good pussy has it's own gravity.
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Forum :  Topic : A lot of black men are anti-black women


PostPosted: 2017-07-04 01:39:05     Post subject: A lot of black men are anti-black women

2017-06-27 10:58:57

Some say the darker the berry the sweeter the juice
I say the darker the flesh then the deeper the roots.

2017-07-03 22:42:53

keep yo head up
ooo child things are gonna get easier

i wanna do like a 7 minute version of that song that starts with tupac's version and ends with a live-instrumentation of the original

2017-07-04 01:37:10



if i do say so myself i'm pretty gifted musically, i have an incredible ear for melody and composition, just because you don't have any discernable talent besides Laughing at weak shade (your own or others') doesn't mean the rest of us are talentless hags.

i've yet to hear a single complaint about my music from the dozens of people who have heard it #fact
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Forum :  Topic : Let me tell a few of u lesser hoz somethin..dont get cute


PostPosted: 2017-07-03 00:36:52     Post subject: Let me tell a few of u lesser hoz somethin..dont get cute

2017-07-03 00:11:54

Please don't.....I prefer not to see you spammed across bgc.....again...

Im not concerned about a fake PUSSY bitch

A real nigga would show up so i can SHOOT yo azz

Fuck yalls elementary art club department who steals pics and does dumber shit

I look better Than ALL of them...#FACTZ

Thank you
Come again
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Forum :  Topic : How prison changed my life


PostPosted: 2017-06-29 15:52:18     Post subject: How prison changed my life

2017-06-29 15:22:07

pictures or it didn\'t happen.

2017-06-29 15:38:24

let's see some pics of you with these blood niggas that's on ya team. i'll wait....

2017-06-29 15:43:51

you dumb fucking bitch, how the FUCKKKKKK am i going to take a selfie in PRISON?!?! lmfaooooo. do you think i'm superhuman enough to hack into the security files of the prison and retrieve month old surveillance tape footage? you're just upset because you could never form a friendship with a male you fucking ugly bitter faggot.

2017-06-29 15:45:24

not reading. but you're lying and if you was REALLY fuckin with bloods they'd check yo ass for claimin they set like that that's a major violation and you would get WASHED if you tried that shit round here. i'll pour hot sauce on my shoe and eat it if you make a video of yourself goin to the hood and shoutin "sex money murder."

2017-06-29 15:49:47



1 your pics are stolen

2 you don't know ANY bloods, if you did they'd slap the shit out you for namin they set like that #facts

3 your pics are stolen

anything else?
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Forum :  Topic : I'm back bitches with 75 dollars worth of take out!!!


PostPosted: 2017-06-28 22:18:12     Post subject: I'm back bitches with 75 dollars worth of take out!!!

2017-06-28 21:45:10

this is what people do to convince themselves that everything is ok when they're falling apart Confused

2017-06-28 21:54:22

Buffy please I've been to 3 reatraunts today, what you been doing tho?

And I'm still cooking $40 worth of shit at home!!!

Do you even have toilet paper sis???

2017-06-28 22:08:45

going to a restaurant is, like, a special event in your life? Confused

2017-06-28 22:15:25

Bitch I work in a restaurant, come on now Buffy???

you talk about paying bills and eating in restaurants like it makes you special. only basic bitches do that. Confused #facts #notupfordebate
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PostPosted: 2017-06-25 11:14:06     Post subject: Come Get Read On This Good Mothers Day..

2017-05-14 08:06:25


Just what lies have I told about you???

The way you use that line is an integral part of your sick and creepy m.o.

You continually say (just like the other infamous predators of bgc. Hell, predators everywhere!) that you are being lied on about EVERYTHING said unfavorbly about you. Yet you NEVER offer any proof of things that are easily provable, that would SHUT IT DOWN!!!

You have been caught in several lies, and even when you have been PROVEN TO HAVE LIED instead of manning up (a near imposible feat for you, I know), you continue to try and lie your way out of the situation.

You are a particularly despicable liar, because you are one of those sickos that try to dress up a lie in a shroud of truth...

Coach Granny Dee: "I am an educator"
Reality: You are a former two bit track coach of 13 year old boys, but you wanted the forum to think you are important, so you refer to yourself as an "educator" ad nauseum! You used to be in an an environment where people were being educated. Sorry to have to be the one to tell you this, but that does not make you an educator.

Coach Granny Dee: "I have degrees"
Reality: You have a high school diploma, a Bachelor's degree and a few certificates of appreciation or participation, that are worthless outside of whatever 2 hour work related course you received them in. I count one degree, and even that's sketchy...

Coach Granny Dee: "I left education and is now working for an international company in a customer liason role."
Reality: You are a peon, working in a call center for $13.01 per hour. I know that your limited mind thinks that saying you work for an internaional company makes you sound important. I worked for an internatonal company before I finished high school. And so did probably just about everyone else in America! And we know that you left education, but why?????

I could go on and on and on and on, and I will. But I want to first give you the opportunity to show me where I have lied about you, without overwhelming your feeble, limited mind..Smile

****first off before I begin, the grammatical and spelling errors in this post were just atrocious...you need to log out of bgclive sometime and go take a refresher course at your local YMCA...lol

The sexual predator stuff: If I'm stupid minded and a sexual predator, that means I'd have been caught and convicted by now right?...you have my first and last name and know I live in FL...please produce anything that supports these false accusations, mama rhino?
It's the sign of a weak-minded, emotionally wounded fag to result to HIV & molestation accusations simply because you know I'm an educator and a coach. Lastly, you proved your simple-mindedness & idiocy at the voting booth last Nov..so I don't have to go there with you.....#thehypocrisy

My education & credentials: I graduated from a nationally accredited college program with a degree in primary education and psychology, boots. Just because I do not classroom teach or am no longer employed by a school board, that does not mean I am not an educator. A good coach educates the bodies and minds of his athletes. I "teach" my sport. That is what makes me a great coach. ALSO, I have volunteered monstrous amounts of time helping to improve the reading, writing, critical thinking and mathematical skills of all races of kids and adults outside the classroom. What have you done for anybody else lately? served your community?? Yes, older ladybug There are some appreciation awards in that picture but my major certifications are from the USAF for graduating top of my training class in military customer service & finance and accounting. Have you served your country or done anything in your life to discipline or upgrade yourself?

My Current Employment: I left working for Florida's educational system to take a less stressful job with better benefits, ugly. I research complex policy and claims issues for a very large healthcare account in an internationally owned company. It is truly nothing glamorous but with overtime, I make enough to take care of me. Adding in what I get from coaching and officiating meets, that puts me over the median income for this metro area and I'm proud of that fact because I'm doing what I love and was meant to do: help & support other people....

To sum up: You have my first and last name and if you weren't too cheap to pay the money to do a thorough background check, you'd easily be able to get documentation of the things I have listed here and a lot more.

Right now, you have no real proof to support any of these lies and half truths that you got by third-hand means-forum trash.

Right Now, you are making memes and bash pictures about someone who LOOKS WAAAY better than you body and face while you hide your own planet of the apes like mugg.

Right now, you are still 8 months later upset because I dragged your ass for wasting your vote while being politically savvy (laugh) and getting your 2005 original @darthchocolate account deleted by @admin

Right Now, you are several years older than me and spending your twilight years in a fag forum behaving like a ridiculous azz middle schooler. Your actual life must be as awful as you are eye-injuringly ugly

2017-06-24 23:02:46

Since I made you write a complete tome of your trademark "truthiness" (that means lies lightly sprinkled with elements of truth), take the next step and provide at least a smidgen of proof. That's right you can't, because you know you will be exposed. And I'm not talking about that battered behind or that wilted thing you call a penis either. A4A, bgc and Miss Bonita have already seen those...

2017-06-25 03:50:36

I want you to really take a minute to document these true and final words because this will be our last interaction about this topic. I dont have to provide you with shyt. Who the fuck are you? Some punk bitch older than me fag who looks like he escaped from Skull Island. You cant read, shade or embarrass me in these forums how I did you ridiculous, non-voter ballot using azz. You posted an article full of lies on me, so I responded with an article with my truth back. And I want ery mofo fag in here to read it and know how I unhinged your azz 8 months ago. You have no credibility left and I turned you into a multi-account having troll...How in the world do you think you are winning??? #moveon #logout #youvelost

.....and It Will Never Ever Change.

2017-06-25 05:40:50

You posted an article full of lies on me, so I responded with an article with my truth back.

My truth? MY TRUTH??? Really, Coach??? I know Miss Bonita taught you better than that. How about THE truth. But you have proven time and time again that the truth is a concept that you are unable to grasp...

You can't provide receipts to back up your truth, because your truth is a lie...

You lied about your profession, and when the tea was spilled, you want to act like you are proud to be a former track coach to 13 year old boys. If you are so proud, why did you not call yourself a coach instead of an "educator"? Because you are ashamed of your life, your "profession", and what you did in your profession.

You lied about your income, saying you make close to $38,000 per year (which is supposed to be an upgrade for someone as well traveled, experienced and educated as you are! ), knowing full well that you make $13.01 per hour working as a peon in a cubicle farm call center. Now all of a sudden you work around the clock, overtime and coaching, yet STILL can't clear $38,000??? The struggle is real!!

And this fantasy dragging that you performed on me??? For doing something that you encouraged people to do on your profile page. There are at least a dozen people in the forums that will pubically say that I have roasted you to a crisp on multiple occasions. I defy you to show me one person, other than yourself, who will say you as much as put a finger on me. One.

You know absolutely nothing about me. You don't know my name, date of birth, my address, my profession, my employment history, my income, my education or my mama's name or her address. I know know all those things about you, and MORE. But you do have at least three pictures of me you have saved that you jerk off to. Continue to enjoy them...

You are a loser, a liar and a deviant. You troll for anonymous dick on major holidays. You live with your mama and lie about it. Are you ashamed of Miss Bonita? You have an abysmal demeanor and bring nothing but negativity to the forum. The one person who respects you, you insult and call mediocre. You are slime. Have a wonderful Sunday..Smile
You said something very important, ugly...I dont know anything about you SAVE your forum ledger..and thats all Ive needed since we first interacted to use you like a ragdoll in these forums. Continously.

Youve had names, pictures, screenshots, copies of resumes and here it is almost a year later and you still aint shut me up. Anybody can take those things and construct a FALSE narrative as you and many other unemployed, hateful, degenerate fagz have and repeat it until it sounds truthful BUT I dont have to do that in your case. You ACTUALLY went in that voting both and failed your entire race....I ACTUALLY got your 2005 bgclive account deleted...You ACTUALLY are below average looking and need a bodywide perm for your nappy azz body hair. Those are undeniable facts. Whereas all you got to work is a lame ass story with even lamer, 3rd party antics you copied.

I am not here to be liked or validated by a bunch of malnormal, ill-adjusted to life, unaccomplished gays, bi, and trannies trolling on fake accounts with cartoon defaults. Those in here I ALLOW to know me like me greatly, others respect me or at least have the common sense to stay out my way..the rest are pussyclot, delusional, directionalless trash for me to dump on at my leisure or pretend dont exist...#guesswhereyoufall?
The only thing Im trying to figure out is why are you so full of yourself and your own importance in relation to my forum presence? You are no match for me on any level two human beings can get on...but you continue to press your luck. That is a sign of utter & complete stupidity.

You and Your opinion of me Do Not Matter...Proof? I never bothered to do a police report, trace an IP address or file a complaint on you. Why? Cuz you a pathetic mindless, unoriginal following ass nicca who midlife crisis has set his special needs brain back to middle school...#these #are #facts #deal
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PostPosted: 2017-06-24 10:51:40     Post subject: Gay Unexpected Male Erogenous Zones

Dear Diary,

I don't have sex very often, but when I do, it is always a matinee of sensuality and fantastical arousal. Truth be told, every boyfriend I've ever had would get back with me in a heartbeat. Sex is not the most important thing in a relationship but severs as a valuable tool when making deals, establishing dominance and securing positions. When having great sex, knowledge and skill are equally relevant. I have found these to work whether I am top or bottom.

Here are the some unexpected gay erogenous zones and how I fix them up in my bedroom:

1) His Forehead / Hairline
First of all, make sure he has one. The head... the one above the shoulders... is filled with sensitive nerve endings! Whether he has hair or not, I like to scratch at the scalp. This relieves tension and opens the door to a more adventurous experience because it releases dopamine and serotonin... which are hormones of relaxation and positive energies.

2) His Ears / Neck
And also YOUR ears and neck. You see, like everything else in life I like to go into situations fully prepared. If I plan on intercourse I always carry my "Sex Bag" and in my sex bag I have 3 or 4 different flavors of chap stick depending on the nigga and what he likes. You take the chap stick and you rub it around wherever you think his lips might touch. ( WASH IT FIRST.... I know I dont have to say it but on here... I think I do have to say it. ) You don't know how many times niggaz be like, "Mmmmmm Thummper, you taste like apricots" And I just reply, "Oh really? That's so weird... You like that pa?"
It's a simple and easy sell and they always love it.

But don't forget about his ears and neck. I like to breath heavily on the neck and nibble at the ears. This always gets them excited.

3) Fingers
I usually DONT like to do this because some people don't know how to take care of their finger nails but sucking on fingers do open the doors to a wilder imagination.

4) His Prostate
Top or bottom, straight or gay it doesn't matter. #FACTS : The prostate is a cluster of nerves when excited greatly increases the possibility of climax. Tops dont lie. I even have girlfriends who tell me their straight men like a finger up the booty every once in a while. I understand the hesitation. Cleanliness is next to godliness regardless of position. But biologically this is something that turns men on.

5) Little head/ taint
Now this one is not so unexpected, however it does deserve some special attention. So to speak. Let's begin: Giving head begins as a choreographed dance between your lips and tongue. But as you become more advanced you realize that it requires work from the entire body. Sex is an experience. Have a prepared sex playlist on your phone and give head to the beat. As the song progresses the dick should be hard enough for your hands to explore his entire body. Don't forget to keep to the beat of the music as you pinch nipples, pull hair, and scratch. If you can, twerk to the music at the same time. He won't even realize you're going to the beat of the song as you feel him up.

Once his toes begin to curl, this is where the taint becomes very important. If you gently press the taint with your middle and index fingers you can actually prolong the orgasm and who doesn't want a longer orgasm? If you are doing a good job, his body will begin to tremble a bit. He might ask you to stop or take a break. But that is exactly when you show no mercy. Squeeze until he pops. Take his SOUL. Once you have acquired every drop of his life force, his future is in your hands.

Side note: If you're feeling fancy and if you have time you can also pop a peppermint during to increase sensitivity.

Practice some of these tips and I'm sure some of you hoes will finally be able to secure a man or at least get a free ticket to the movies.

Did I miss any?

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Forum :  Topic : Trevor Noah on the NRA's right to remain silent.


PostPosted: 2017-06-23 07:28:45     Post subject:

Unless you're black
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PostPosted: 2017-06-18 23:18:17     Post subject: What are they trying to say about Cancers, always what?

Aries rules all. #facts

*pulls blunt*
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PostPosted: 2017-06-17 23:36:37     Post subject: Stay Healthy... Bust a Nut

21 a mth? HAA

I do that in a week. I cum at least 3 times
a day, easily. #facts

*pulls blunt*
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Forum :  Topic : I want to fuck him


PostPosted: 2017-06-15 20:40:55     Post subject: I want to fuck him

2017-06-15 15:04:50

Never ever thought i would see u title a thread that.

2017-06-15 15:18:23


Lol at least he admit he's a fag.

2017-06-15 15:27:34

Well shit, according to a large portion of straight society, we are all fags.
And transgenders are fags ร—100.

Dont bite my head off. Im just saying.

2017-06-15 15:54:44

And transgenders are fags ร—100.

Idea transgender "females" really lie hard to themselves as if they actually are legitimate females along with actually seen as legitimate females to call the NEXT SAME SEX ATTRACTED NIGGA a fag (in that way). Laughing they need to slow their role. as you said, they are seen by straight society (and even gay society) as faggots x 100 or "freaks" which is even worse.

2017-06-15 16:50:08

For real bro. They have to pump their brakes when slinging the fag word around so freely.
They really think they arent in the same fuckin boat with niggas.

Mothafuckers dont give a fuck about that whats in your spirit shit.
If we got caught in the wrong spot in the wrong part of the world, and niggas knew she was a ts and i was bisexual, no distinction would be made.

We would be two dead ass faggots with our dick in the dirt.

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