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Forum :  Topic : This was the shit back in the day


PostPosted: 5 days ago    Post subject: This was the shit back in the day

2017-12-16 19:07:31

This used to be the shit back in the day,couldnt wait for another episode.

Rita:Ah,after ten thousand years im free.lmao!

2017-12-18 17:43:22

Sailor moon bitch

2017-12-18 18:58:41

Yea,sailor moon was the shit too,lol.

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Forum :  Topic : Will you boycott Netflix?


PostPosted: 29 days ago    Post subject: Will you boycott Netflix?

So I want to talk about the situation with Monique and Netflix. Let me first start off by saying I'm not really a Monique fan, but let me also say that I think Monique is very talented. She was the best out of the Queens of Comedy, IMO. She was really good in Precious, too.

So Monique wants us to stand with her and boycott Netflix. What I don't understand is why people are attacking her. Nothing she said in her video was false. Sounded like #facts to me. Facts and common sense.

I like how people are saying "nobody knows you girl" or "who are you?" and "you aint been relevant since the 90s."

Obviously Netflix felt she was still relevant. They just didn't feel like paying her. I mean $500,000? Do better Netflix. That's insulting.

Also, this woman who has been known in the last couple of years, not for her work....but for calling Hollywood out for paying Black actresses and comedians far less than their male counterparts. Do your fuckin research Netflix. Could have done a quick Google or YouTube search and learned that homegirl don't play that shit

I love that Monique is speaking out because a lot of Blacks and people in general are happy or content to just receive a check. It shouldn't be that way, ever....unless you have little to no skills or ability. If you're a shitty worker or performer then yeah, you should be happy just to get a check...but not when you're noted as a top Black female comic who also has an Oscar

The fact Netflix paid Amy Schumer all that money is garbage.

With that said, will you be boycotting Netflix?
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Forum :  Topic : R Kelly teasing an Autistic Dude


PostPosted: 29 days ago    Post subject: R Kelly teasing an Autistic Dude

2017-11-15 21:38:56

LOL@ one pedophile commenting on another pedophile! Turd-flu is just a broke, uglier white version of R. Smelly Kelly!

29 days ago

Setting aside that pedo-fu is a hate monger and a pedophile, and she most certmainly is both, she is a typical white. There are literally millions of websites where she could go and spew her hatred of black people unencumbered, but her sick, entitled mind compels her to do everything in her power to ruin a site created to celebrate black people. That perverted scum thinks this site was created so that she could enjoy her sick fetish for black flesh and to be a hatemonger from the safety of her keyboard..Smile

The face of hate and pedophelia


And the KKKave Beast lied about having multiple accounts. Oh Well! I guess the other or only alternative is to create more accounts with similar "font"!

I'm not too mad at her for the Black Obsession, but the hatred... KKKrackkker, Bye!

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Forum :  Topic : Oprah is skin folk to me


PostPosted: 2018-01-08 20:08:39     Post subject: Oprah is skin folk to me

She's skin folk as far as I'm concerned. She really doesn't give a fuck about lower class Blacks in America. She doesn't even care about the town she lived in for 30 years, but she will open up schools 9,000 miles away in Africa where kids can be molested and raped.

This is a woman who compared abuse of women in the workplace to Recy Taylor being gang raped by 6 White men on her way home from Church. SMMFH

Hollywood has a sexual harassment problem on the casting couch. That's just a tad bit different than Black women being raped by Racist White men in the 1940s, Oprah. Just a tad. I would not compare what Recy Taylor went through to abuse in the workplace or at home by a significant other.

I was reading comments on YouTube and 99% of them are praising Oprah for her Golden Globe speech, but one person said something that stood out to me.

They said that "Oprah includes "certain" women whose struggle is not, has never been, and never will be the same as those of black women."

I'm just gonna let that sink in.

Don't get me wrong. It's not like Oprah hasn't done shit for Blacks, but I just feel like her passions are questionable. Like she would rather help kids in Africa than Black American children right here in the United States. #FACTS

She said herself she got tired of the Black kids here. Look it up Nigga. She said it in a more diplomatic way, but that's what she meant. Really what it was is that the black kids here have a different mentality about what's important to them and she gave up because it wasn't easy. The kids in Africa just want to learn. She took the easy way out basically. Anyway, I'm done. Stick a fork in me cause I could talk about Oprah all day
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Forum :  Topic : Fidacts


PostPosted: 2018-01-07 23:53:31     Post subject: Fidacts

Nothing but facts.

I hate when guys have to grab my waist to get by me. Always when my back is turned and I do not realize he is behind me.

#facts #fidacts #truth
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Forum :  Topic : 


PostPosted: 2018-01-06 20:02:45     Post subject: have you ever been so in love

asexualenigma wrote:
foreva_da_fight wrote:
1515219684 Been there done that

He don't know to act
asexualenigma wrote:
1515220499 Did you lose some weight?😎

foreva_da_fight wrote:
1515220667 Lolol msybe....but he still came just as fast the last time I had him....so I must be the exception

Then again I usually am
asexualenigma wrote:
1515239476 LAST TIME? CH! Laughing


foreva_da_fight wrote:
1515271686 Lies!!!

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Forum :  Topic : Don Lemon kisses boyfriend on LIVE tv


PostPosted: 2018-01-02 08:59:25     Post subject: Don Lemon kisses boyfriend on LIVE tv

2018-01-01 13:34:27

Way to go Don. I absolutely adore this guy and he is a hell of a journalist. I wish him much love and overwhelming happiness.

I like Don too...and Ormarosa.....i group think agree when in company but don't tell blacks tho.. seems like They only prefer Beyonce. #facts
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Forum :  Topic : Concerning bird-fu, Racist and Predator of Boys


PostPosted: 2017-12-27 12:19:27     Post subject: Concerning bird-fu, Racist and Predator of Boys


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Forum :  Topic : Is it just me or when you wear


PostPosted: 2017-12-20 17:41:47     Post subject: Is it just me or when you wear

2017-12-20 09:18:14

The bow leg hang and swangers with no drawers at the gym... fuck whose looking underwear chafes.

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Forum :  Topic : Most Feminine Men May Actually Be Straight


PostPosted: 2017-11-25 14:56:48     Post subject: Most Feminine Men May Actually Be Straight


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Forum :  Topic : Mental illness is sad


PostPosted: 2017-11-25 14:48:39     Post subject: Mental illness is sad

2017-11-23 22:14:13



2017-11-24 23:27:58

Bew, you and @ninethe9phantom and @realwomannj are the same person. Stop throwing stones, then running back in your glass house.



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Forum :  Topic : To Turd-Fu and Me So Hoe-Ne:


PostPosted: 2017-11-19 13:22:29     Post subject: To Turd-Fu and Me So Hoe-Ne:

2017-11-19 11:20:15

Dis / cac-ception from Whitey McWhite - @bird-fu
Dis / chink-ception from Suzy Wong - @sodomy_

Both are suffering from cognitive symptoms of their own race not liking them; so hate, envy, fascination, curiosty, and guilt (ect) creates this dysfuctional golrification for Black Crime and Black Dick obsession they constanlty carry and can't seem to shake.

Because of being rejected from their own race, they both need a different race (Black Folks) to beat upon and stoke their insecure, low-self esteem rejection ego by pretending to know more about the ills of Black Folks than they know about the ills of their own race.

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Forum :  Topic : 


PostPosted: 2017-11-07 18:59:19     Post subject: My dick pic

t_jpleezy wrote:
1510082926 With all due disrespect NIGGA YOU ARE FORTY YEARS OLD!!!! Get over the fact that people have an opinion about something that you put up to be looked at... You sound like a lil bitch

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Forum :  Topic : Aint Seen Bird-Turd in here in a hot second! LOL!


PostPosted: 2017-10-27 18:06:14     Post subject: Aint Seen Bird-Turd in here in a hot second! LOL!

2017-10-27 12:54:19

Bird-Turd is Back! I love it when this bitch thumbs down postings! She's a MAD edomite mayonnaise daemonic racist BBC slurping KKKunt!

2017-10-27 18:00:16


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Forum :  Topic : any other race mixed with BLACK always comes out beautiful


PostPosted: 2017-10-12 18:52:25     Post subject: any other race mixed with BLACK always comes out beautiful

especially when the FATHER is black. #facts #blackisbeautiful #blackmakesbeauty #blackmenmakesmostbeauty
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Forum :  Topic : This is Why I Refused to Vilify Cosby!!!


PostPosted: 2017-10-10 23:56:42     Post subject:

2017-10-09 12:55:54

I agree with this train of thought!

Although I was also on the bandwagon of bashing Billy Bob Cosby, I totally understand how you feel.

What many a Black person ( coon or no coon ) may be more reacting to is the fact that we as Black people, when placed in a position to uplift and stand strong and TRUE as a pillar of greatness, he FAILED thus giving weaker minds the feeling as though ALL of the things most frequently painted on Black MALES in particular are all valid!

What he did was painfully disappointing to the hearts and souls of greater part of Black societies, but what we all fail to realize that he's a VERY flawed individual and he has to pay the consequences of his choices. It IS a bit ironic that when a white does this kind of shit, not much of a fuss is made because in the minds of most Black folks, it's more or less commonplace for white males to engage in this type of daemonic behavior given their history throughout the centuries!

Where did so many Black males of today learn such behavior and where did it come from? Well, look at the history of this nation! This isn't to say that ALL white people engage in this type of fuckery, but certainly it was enforced and imposed upon a large grouping of people against their will and further groomed into various cultures. It's still wrong and daemonic and those whom engage in this type of behavior should be put away from others with healthy minds!

2017-10-09 14:39:58

I always had an issue with Bill's "holier than thou" attitude towards black people, even before the drugging and rape allegations came out. Prior to that, he was notorious for practically living the life in the Playboy Mansion while his wife was on the East Coast raising the kids. Jim Brown spilled the tea on him a long time ago. He was not the one to preach to anyone on how to live a virtuous life! But I hated how the establishment wanted to pretend that nobody knew about it and that he was the only one who did that sort of thing.

If this Weinstein story doesn't get squashed, something tells me that a lot more people are going to have some explaining to do. And we are only talking about adult victims now. Wait until the pedophilia stuff gets exposed and all the people who threw Michael Jackson under the bus while KNOWING it is rampant in the industry, and remaining hush hush about the real perpurtraters...


The DAEMONOLOGIES of Hollywood is HORRIFYING! I'm surprised that more forensic psychologists don't alert the general public of the fuckery! When it comes to the public safety, HIPAA should be thrown out the window.

With ALL of these disease spreading, emotionally damaging sons and daughters of bitches and etc... when you look at so much of the shit in the media, these people run the whole gamut of wicked and it's evident in the types of more popular programing shown.
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Forum :  Topic : Do you believe in love?


PostPosted: 2017-10-04 10:43:20     Post subject: Do you believe in love?

2017-10-03 23:01:47

Who doesn't believe in love when love
is real? WTF...

Bgc has some of the weirdest gays on the planet.
The gays on here creep me out that's why idc what
I say to yall...

*pulls blunt*

2017-10-04 00:59:41

There are different kinds of love in this world and for the ones who haven't experienced one or any of those types of love..it just may not be a tangible thing to them. I love my friends. I love my family. But other dudes?..Im bout tapped out....

I don't think you're tapped out. You can deny
love but you can't fight it, you'll lose...Trust me!
He or she just haven't stepped in your life yet
and when they do your heart will be taken and
it'll be nothing you can do about it.


*pulls blunt*
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Forum :  Topic : caught on to who the forum BIG MOUTH is?


PostPosted: 2017-10-03 08:59:01     Post subject: caught on to who the forum BIG MOUTH is?

πŸ˜‚ Nigga you 40...not me...and you look 50πŸ˜‚ bro you a convicted career criminal...rather be depressed than convicted felon..#facts

SHANNON, show kummy_beast, or any of the other forum regs you 😍 over and they quietly ignore youπŸ€”, that recent pushing 40 face.

Send me your phone number again..πŸ˜‚ so I can not call it..
Typical fruit with no friends..

I pity the life you live when you logout...that's the real kiki
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Forum :  Topic : LMFAO


PostPosted: 2017-10-02 18:40:21     Post subject: LMFAO

"What he does is goes on another account reads and
copy things from treads and post them."

Lie...I have 1 account.

"He's done
that to me before."


"He used to stalk me a while back"

PRETTY MUCH ANYONE WHO DISAGREES WITH YOU ABOUT ANYTHING GETS ACCUSED OF THIS. Today is a great example. I am not stalking you. I am correcting various lies.

"after he hit on me"

Present evidence of that, please. What I did do is point out a highly Narcissistic quote that you put on your profile. Something akin to you saying you are "that monster."

"I sincerely believe he stalks people in real life too."

#proof #evidence #facts

"He's crazy for real it's not just on here."

#proof #evidence #facts

"The people in
the forums don't know how bad it was, he stalked the
hell out of me for not wanting to be with him. "

This fiction deserves an award.
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Forum :  Topic : Don Lemon and his boyfriend


PostPosted: 2017-10-02 14:14:02     Post subject: Don Lemon and his boyfriend

Another point I’d like to make on the issue of white guys is a very important
one. The types of white men I find myself remotely attracted to are
physically and emotionally unavailable to me (or ANY gay man)

Why? Because the majority of those white guys who catch my eye are
HETEROSEXUAL. Their frequency is different from GAY white men.

- They can be beautiful as fuk but seem almost oblivious to that fact.
- They prefer spending their disposable income on EXPERIENCES and GoPro cameras versus material possessions.
- They enjoy traveling and adventure oriented activities.
- They seem to love driving Subarus and Volkswagen GTIs lol

Heterosexual white guys can also be douchebags, but I find myself
sexually drawn to them far more than the average white homo.

- Which means I more than likely will never get with one because my expectations are both unreasonable and unattainable.
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Forum :  Topic : 


PostPosted: 2017-09-30 22:52:49     Post subject: lola_leon = realwomannj

#facts Laughing

@jumanie-moore add this one to the roster
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Forum :  Topic : Do u agree with military vet Montell Williams on NFL protest


PostPosted: 2017-09-30 19:42:22     Post subject: Do u agree with military vet Montell Williams on NFL protest

2017-09-30 11:02:49

Yes, and the only people upset are White people. It's not all of them, but all of the ones bitching are White.

2017-09-30 11:24:58

Cuz it's mainly Whites who care about the country, and are taught to respect the flag/anthem. Most of yall be just fine if this country turns into chaos. That's pretty obvious by the over 70% Black Babies being born to unwed mothers. That's pretty much like saying we love chaos. Look at how Montell pimps these damn payday loans. More support for degenerate activity.

2017-09-30 11:29:00

wow. i can't believe black men would give you the time of the day for even fixing your font to say some racist, tone deaf shit like this.

2017-09-30 12:19:02

And these coons don't even bother to block this KKK Gay BBC chasing degenerate Blue Eyed Devil!

Her rants and attacks are more telling of a woman scorn with regards to lack of Black penis she longs for!

She posted a thread of Black Booties and all of these lost queens went viral on looking at her thread and commenting on the shit with love and lust! When Black sex is involved, many a negro will simply ignore the fact that this bitch is KKK!

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Forum :  Topic : Do u agree with military vet Montell Williams on NFL protest


PostPosted: 2017-09-30 18:36:25     Post subject: Do u agree with military vet Montell Williams on NFL protest


"more than 72 percent of children in the African-American community are born out of wedlock." -Don Lemon

#facts #evidence #proof
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Forum :  Topic : Gay Latino boy kills Black classmate in the BRONX


PostPosted: 2017-09-30 10:13:21     Post subject: BGC timed out user updated

2017-09-29 20:16:49

They bullied the young boy calling him a faggot. He stabbed one of the niggas to death and the other one is in critical condition hanging on to life.

Both of them deserved it! More gay men should stand up for themselves.
Stab a hoe or beat a hoe down!

2017-09-30 04:31:40






Clearly, he bothered this boy, and there are many witnesses who said it took place. So, she s a liar. Period.

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Forum :  Topic : Being high strung and stuck up


PostPosted: 2017-09-20 22:36:13     Post subject: Being high strung and stuck up

I can attest to this .....



I have ALWAYS been



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Forum :  Topic : Help!!! why my dude's nut smell....


PostPosted: 2017-09-20 22:30:54     Post subject: Help!!! why my dude's nut smell....





And my natural body smell

My urine also smells like absolutely nothing

( your mans body is likely full of starch and sugar and non food build up )
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Forum :  Topic : ENTERZ GCODE βœ”


PostPosted: 2017-09-20 22:04:03     Post subject: ENTERZ GCODE βœ”

2017-09-20 16:23:22

*Exits queen-wishywashy*

Bring yo fukn azz back chea.....i need to speak with you in confidence ...muahfuka sign in and enter to impress G more than yo man βœ”



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Forum :  Topic : 


PostPosted: 2017-09-14 20:56:55     Post subject: Is being popular or likable on BGC important to you?

trast wrote:
1505418482 I am the most popular hoe on BGC. Everybody likes me or else asses will get kicked. BGC is my life!

The day you became most popular = the day you posted your dick picture. #truefacts
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Forum :  Topic : 


PostPosted: 2017-09-14 18:03:14     Post subject: Is being popular or likable on BGC important to you?



#ccmdl (carbon copy my diamond logic)

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Forum : General Discussions Topic : Black people are way to mean and disrespectful to each other


PostPosted: 2017-09-10 14:50:49     Post subject: Black people are way to mean and disrespectful to each other

2017-09-07 11:22:34

Maybe this is a sign that we should all be in interracial friendships, families and relationships. I went for an interview and the black lady was being excessively mean like she wanted me to quit and not work their. If I get the job I have a feeling she will be disrespecting my dark ass till the end of my shift.

2017-09-08 02:51:46

Many nigger bitches pull that shit especially when they see that you naturally have things that they could NEVER possess! If you get the job, just be yourself, play things cool keeping your eyes and ears open and stay out of the grasps of this black cunt!

Eventually the bitch won't see you as a threat, but always be aware of how the bitch acted initially because ONE little perceived slip up and her ass will hang you out to dry! Non-Black folks know exactly what types of Black folks to put in positions of power... NIGGERZ!

I know of this shit starting with my recent employment and going back to the 90's. I've often heard of this type of shit happening to older family members of mine since the early 70's.

Black folks and "Chicanos" on that Raza bullshit are the absolute WORST with the prejudice bullshit and taking great pains and pride in doing Black males in...unless the Black dude is a certified COON!

Don't coon for ANYONE!

Coons always end up like O.J. Simpson, Bill Cosby, and the list goes on and on in which the White Folks ( or racist KKKrackkkerz ) eventually get sick and tired of their exotic house pet being unable to be domesticated by white standards, invalid, useless and then discard that Black ass like a snot rag!

2017-09-09 19:49:13

You know what bro, I totally feel you in spite of my other recent opinion on this subject matter. Based on a few previous administrative positions I held, there was that one envious n*663r bitch who had an issue with me because I stayed true to myself, was "too Good" at my job, fast, very reliable, clean, well-dressed etc. So, the bitches felt some type of way about that even though they usually made 3.5-4 times the amount that I made annually based on the fact that I was a temp while they were full time. Yet, they were still jealous and felt threatened because I did not fuck up nor make the mistakes they'd expect from their perception of a "typical black man".

That is one of the many reasons why I could no longer work in KKKorporate America especially. So, I feel you man. Too many backstabbing coons, spies, racists, heterosexists & fake bitches in those unnatural enviroments!!!

2017-09-10 04:01:45

They give seminars and classes specifically designed for the coons in how to fuck with decent Black males. The verbiage is set up to confuse people with all sorts of trickery even for those with 4 degrees in higher learning or educational systems, but like any cult, they can spot a weak assed twat or dick a mile away and those are the ones whom the most often promote to some positions of alleged power with them always pulling the strings.

Latinos and Hispanics are higher on the list for slave driving bags of human waste here in California. Whenever you see a Negress with some high position, you can rest assuredly that her ass is a fucking COON and will be harder on a decent Black male...regardless of sexual orientation.

Folks STILL don't see it!

2017-09-10 06:45:49

I would not be surprised man. It does not shock me at all because the things some folk will do to impress their massa or for a buck more is stupid & dangerous. That's why some individuals wound up snapping then going postal on these bitches..thats why I had to get out of that unnatural environment. I was very close. I could not take it anymore, refused to let anyone disrespect me regardless of their title and did not / will not ever kiss ass!!!!. So, because of that I never did last long on those jobs. Too much favoritism & office politricks for the most part.

I despise $lave drivers too regardless of who they are or what they look like. They can all drop dead for all I care. I have absolutely no sympathy nor remorse when tragedy strikes them! So, again I totally get it man.

2017-09-10 13:07:30

I'm glad that somebody understands who's outside of my shitty job. This Black female assistant manager appeared to have had been deeply wounded because I was very disappointed in some bullshit she said to me. To probably add fuel to the fire, she started ear hustling me speaking with customers about how fucked up my times are on the job and what gets said by management...namely her and some Latina Bitches...whom are lazy and scandalous as fuck!

2017-09-10 14:16:36

I despise scandalous hoes. Make all the money you can while your there at least. Use their fucking asses till you're ready to move into greater things in life. It's only temporary so thank goodness for that. I could write a damn book on my experiences & how it really contributed to ptsd.

2017-09-10 14:22:29

Thank you! Working this shit job was just to be a means to an end of bullshit anyways!

As for the PTSD, I can totally believe it because anybody who's worked for nearly ANY of these corporations where RACIST bags of shit own and operate them from a higher level, there's bound to be PTSD at almost every level after either leaving on your own or getting fired from these joints!


Great convo brotha
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Forum :  Topic : What makes Life worth Living?


PostPosted: 2017-09-09 20:12:02     Post subject: What makes Life worth Living?

2017-09-08 15:24:10

Do you even have a reason?

For some people, the expected answers are

- Family
- Friends
- Careers

Then why aren’t most people – who generally have families, friends, and jobs happier than they are? Why do we live in a society where anti-depressants are among the most profitable medications? Why are the bookstore shelves packed with books explaining how to be happier?

"What makes Life worth Living for YOU? "


2017-09-08 17:22:45

I believe we're all here to experience being Alive and with a consciousness.....

Trees are alive but I doubt they have a brain to experience consciousness....Humans are blessed with this....and what does consciousness do?....it allows you to decide....trees are alive but they can't decide to move or dance or talk VERBALLY......or create or travel to space.....or read a book.....

I also believe in Reincarnation too...meaning....they way you lived in your last life will determine how blessed your life is currently....so if you lived a reckless life, you might be reborn with a disease...or reborn as a tree.....OR IF YOU WERE A GOOD PERSON IN YOUR PAST LIVE, you might be reborn are a billionaire with no worries....or come back to live a peaceful life...or come back as royalty.....I also believe that if you suffered in your past life, you will come back with blessings to live an easier life....

Energy is neither created nor destroyed so it means the soul or energy in a new born baby is not new....it's a reincarnation.....NOW THIS IS ME MIXING SPIRITUALITY WITH SCIENCE.....Everything is recycled.....You can't create energy/soul/spirit....it just transforms....

I also believe being alive and being conscious is part of a network....meaning, if you reach your highest potential, you'll be plugged into know the secrets of the universe and be able to answer the very question you're asking right now. Laughing ........
Now you're probably asking me WHAT IS THE HIGHEST POTENTIAL OF A HUMAN?.....sheeit...if I knew, I wouldn't be on BGC.....but I believe incredibly successful ppl know the true secrets of the world...people like Bill Gates and Aliko Dangote....Warren buffet......or the pope....these ppl are plugged into this network....and these caliba of people have probably seen what an Alien looks like...these people know if the earth is truly round or flat....these people know shit that you'll never see of read of in any book....

So maybe we're all here to be given the opportunity to reach our highest potential....to be recruited into this NETWORK....and if you don't reach this network in this lifetime, you die and your energy returns to TRY AGAIN in another human body.....

I've stories about people becoming "awakened"...as in being able to remember your past lives....and some of the most interesting stories are with kids....

I've also heard if you meditate effectively with a 100% clean diet FOR MANY YEARS, your spiritual third eye will open......and I guess if your 3rd eye opens, you'll be PLUGGED....and be closely to this NETWORK of ascension....

I'm getting too deep here....but yeah....we are here for a reason....98% of us will never reach our true potential but we will die and be reborn to TRY AGAIN....we live....we learn...we're reborn to try again because our souls/energy can't be destroyed....It's a never ending cycle of opportunity to TRY AGAIN to getting plugged into this network.....so death to me is like turn off your computer and restarting again.....

And this shit came right off the top of my head...I didn't read any book to get this info....It came straight from what I believe.....

2017-09-08 23:39:22

Your take on reincarnation is interesting. After reading what you wrote I thought about it and considered it, but I don't believe it. If not for the simple fact that there are so many great kids in the world with cancer who die everyday. My dad works with these kids. I can't believe that these great little kids may have cancer because they were reckless in a past life. You believe that?

Then there are bad ass kids and bad people who have good fortune. How do you reconcile that?

2017-09-09 15:24:49

I believe a lot of these kids with cancer had MOTHERS THAT EAT A LOT OF TRASH....like for example, a pregnant woman is really...

Not suppose to eat any kind of seafood....like zero....

Not suppose drink any kind of soda....
and she damn sure better not be drinking any kind of cow milk and sugary inorganic juices.....and no alcohol...

Not suppose to use any inorganic beauty products like perms, face treatments, and inorganic make up.....crazy lotions and shit....

Canned foods is a no no no....

And a pregnant bitch better not be working beyond 1 month of pregnancy....

But ofcourse...Most pregnant women get cravings for and their husbands/baby daddies hop in the car to buy her whatever she wants to eat......WHICH IS THE DUMBEST MOVE....

Pre-Natal vitamins....A lot of these heaux don't take organic pre-natal vitamins.......

That's the physical aspect....

Now on a spiritual level, I believe the kind of life you lived in your past life will determine the kind of mother you will be REborn to....I do believe that....cuz like I said, a new baby doesn't come with a new soul or a new spirit...that energy in this new baby came from laws of attraction....because of how your mom is, she will attract a certain kind of energy into her offspring.....

And those sick kids...let me tell you...it's better for them to be sick and die at a young age TO TRY AGAIN than to suffer into adulthood....like I told you....Death to me is like hitting the restart button.....the whole point of reincarnation to give you multiple lives to TRY AGAIN till you reach your full potential...a full potential fueled by experiences from your past lives to reach this NETWORK OF INFO...

Have you noticed a lot of extremely successful people have some fucked up life stories.....this is because they've suffered a whole in their past lives...they died...and they were reborn.....and they suffered for about the first 30 years of their CURRENT lives until something motivated them to make some serious moves......the more lives you've lived and suffered in, they more spiritually advanced you'll be when you be when you are reborn....

The goal of suffering to force you to become enlightened....and that enlightenment will lead your highest potential....and your highest potential will lead you to a network of real knowledge....knowledge beyond what the average human brain can comprehend....

Bad ass kids and bad ass people with good fortune?....lol....

let me tell you something
you could get fortune being Good or Bad....
but just remember that the same you got it being bad, is the same way you will lose it too....
These bad people with fortune will eventually have bad kids that will erase that wealth/fortune....You keep hearing of hollywood celebs that did crazy shit back in the day to make millions....and then they eventually have crazy wild kids that will destroy everything they've built.....SAME OLD STORY.

Dirty blood money doesn't last very long....
most wealth lasts 2 to 3 generations.....



If the fortune is clean, it will last forever.....

2017-09-09 17:44:16

But KKKrackkkerz STILL run this stolen nation they colonized and reformed and Africans are still being slaughtered at the hands of the slave religion called Islam.

There's most likely SOME inkling of truth to some of what you say, but that whole reincarnation stuff is crap.

It's just mere fact of nurturing fuckery in children whom are already predisposed to much of the same faulty genetic wiring.

Dietary needs and capabilities vary from female to female with smoking, drinking otherwise unhealthy foods should be avoided by EVERYONE.

They same way they got this STOLEN nation is the same way they are losing it.....

Most of the richest parts of America are occupied by FOREIGNERS.....
Why do you think Trump and his team are so anti-immigrant and anti-foreigner....

Go to San Francisco and Beverly Hills....most expensive places to live....
A lot of people living there are not white American.....

Slowly but surely, they will lose it....and we're seeing Trump attempting to do some damage control before it becomes an inconvenience......

It takes 10 years to be an OVERNIGHT SUCCESS and it takes 300 to 400 years for an empire to crumble.....America has reached that 300 to 400 year reign and it's only a matter of time before we become a 2nd World country IN THE EYES OF WHITE......Now as this shit crumbles at the top, foreigners and minorities will be at the bottom collecting our share....that shit always trickles down.....

Now listen....
Today is sunday....by next week sunday, most of Miami will be destroyed....and those expensive condos and high rises that whites have owned for generations will significantly drop in value....and most will be unfixable without rent money....infested with mold....NOW WATCH FOREIGNERS (especially Asians) take over Miami....they will come in and buy up all that buildings like a clearance walmart rack on black friday.....and you'll see Miami turn into Hawaii, S.F, or Los Angeles filled with Asians.....and the Middle easterners will come with oil money and buy up the rest like they way the bought up beverly hills.....and black/Africans/AfroDiaspora....many more will move to Miami from caribbean islands because they're homelands are destroyed.....We're looking at 125 to 200 billion in damage in Florida...Texas was 100 billion....and the government can't do much cuz we owe money....so we need foreign money to build up these 2 cities.....and do you know what comes with foreign money?.....FOREIGNERS...a shit ton of foreigners....lol.....so whether Trump likes it or not, the immigrants and foreigners will come.......

So you see....they same way they got is the same way they will lose it....and the 300 to 400 years is up....so the trickle down effect is happening right before our eyes.....and watch white people lose they minds as this shit affects the stock market.....JUST WATCH.....oh yes...

They got it fast and they will lose it faster than a bugatti.....Just watch....relax....enjoy the show.....

Now as far as reincarnation goes....listen...ENERGY IS NEITHER CREATED NOR DESTROYED.....if you apply that #fact to everything, you'll realize reincarnation is very possible.....Reincarnation is just a fancy word for RECYCLE....We're having pollution and global warming issues because we humans do NOT know how to recycle the energy we're using....that's all it is.....it's destroyed everything around us....but for the longest time people thought fumes from an exhaust is waste....nope...it's not waste....it's energy.....We get oxygen from plants.....and plants get carbon dioxide from us....Plants need us....and we need them.....Everything/everyone needs to exchange energy........Same applies to the human spirit or an organisms.....Our energies just trade vessels when we die...our bodies are vessels but the energy within these vessels is recycled human energy....it's not brand new.....nah....nothing is brand new....Spirits and Demons are just Energies that can't own a human vessel for whatever reason....and they are maaaaaad as hell.....that is why they keep fucking with people.....lol...yeah I'm trying to be funny...but you gotta just think about it on a deeper level....not saying this is what you have believe.....But you gotta pay attention to how energy flows....
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Forum :  Topic : greninja your portrait is ready.


PostPosted: 2017-09-08 00:24:15     Post subject: greninja your portrait is ready.

2017-09-07 19:46:12



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Forum :  Topic : Anotha Brotha Juicin Off A Mugshot!


PostPosted: 2017-09-06 23:18:30     Post subject: Anotha Brotha Juicin Off A Mugshot!

2017-09-02 12:44:08


2017-09-06 23:15:25

So you tryna tell me the niggas you pull look better? Girl bye..Smile


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Forum :  Topic : What is your best quality and your worst quality


PostPosted: 2017-09-01 21:13:32     Post subject: What is your best quality and your worst quality

Best quality: my imagination ...my creativity is FORMIDABLE.... #factz πŸ’‘

Wort quality: you cross me ....you are UNDER DEATH TO ME...

So callousness......because. MOST have no idea ....THAT I DONT GIVE AF after im passed you...I MAY BE CORDIAL....YET THAT IS JUST A SYMPTOM OF excess CHARM....YOURE STILL DEAD πŸ’‘
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Forum : General Discussions Topic : Why are Black Men UnEmployed?


PostPosted: 2017-08-31 09:31:29     Post subject: Why are Black Men UnEmployed?

Well to be honest with you....

Most black men don't have the CONNECTIONS to find and keep a job....

stats say that a black person with a college degree is most like to earn less than a white person without a college....and that is a disturbing DOCUMENTED #FACT...and I can provide you a link....

So this question is....Why and how are uneducated whites getting WAAAAY more job offers and better job opportunities accompanied with higher salaries than educated whites....

ANSWER....."CONNECTIONS"....white on white hookups....

And when blacks do finally get jobs....they have to hustle to keep them....meaning....blacks can't afford to relaxed as their white coworkers....WHY?....cuz their white coworkers have those connections to DEFEND them if any trouble arise....

I've seen whites get late for work/CALL OFFS consistently and never get reprimanded...and if they get reprimanded, it almost never leads to immediate termination.....yet I've seen blacks get fired for exceeding the call off limit.....I've seen blacks get fired for petty things that whites get away with all the time....but those whites got those jobs due to connections...ESPECIALLY THE UNEDUCATED ONES.....and those connections will speak on their behalf....Most blacks don't have that luxury....

This is just my observation HERE IN CHICAGO.....I'm not saying this is consistent through out the country but I wouldn't be surprised.....

As for me and my black ass....I bust my ass harder than anyone I work with and they know it....yes I go to the extreme to do an EXCELLENT JOB....Why?....because I know I don't have those connections....and I know my Aunt does not work in H.R to defend my ass.....A lot of whites never reveal their connections in the workplace and they keep it HUSH HUSH....but if you pay attention to they way they act, you can tell they are linked to someone higher up on the work place food chain....they'll never tell you....but if you study them, you'll realize a hook up got them to where they are...You'll also realize that their not qualified if you look at their resume...but of course, THEY GOT THE JOB lol .....
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Forum :  Topic : Well since we like Porn lets go through the Myths


PostPosted: 2017-08-24 23:33:35     Post subject: Well since we like Porn lets go through the Myths

Women direct gay porn too. One even directs a movie featuring her boyfriend #facts
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PostPosted: 2017-08-22 12:16:10     Post subject: Man bun official

2017-08-21 16:46:48


I would share my opinion, but

And don't bother sending your forum yes-men after me with your serpent sorcery...

because I am #Coverdt

2017-08-22 07:06:43

lol I figured out who you are now
And wym

2017-08-22 07:31:24

2017-08-22 12:03:15

she's that crazy bitch that deleted her account and made a new one to stalk someone who rejected and blocked her #facts
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PostPosted: 2017-08-19 15:17:43     Post subject:

You can't make a ho wifey. #FACTS
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Forum : General Discussions Topic : QUESTION: Can you PEE with a HARD dick???


PostPosted: 2017-08-17 18:31:48     Post subject: QUESTION: Can you PEE with a HARD dick???

2011-12-12 02:15:47

Yes. I do it every morning.
Its very difficult, but it can be done.

2017-08-17 17:46:27

Rolling Eyes

2017-08-17 18:00:43

Thats facts.

2017-08-17 18:05:08

Laughing i had to stop myself from sayin somethin that would REALLY make you block the shit out of me for eternity

2017-08-17 18:06:00

Go ahead. Show yourself.

2017-08-17 18:13:31

Here she is....

Or maybe this is her REAL photo...

2017-08-17 18:14:07

betcha $50 he not gonna quote you back Laughing

2017-08-17 18:23:12

Your imaginary control over a grown man will only last but so long! Wait til he sees how TRULY mentally unstable you are along with financially and socially dangerous you are! LOL!

You'll be "dragging" him in the forum like you do pretty much everyone you come in contact with!

Oh, but being that I don't know him neither, that account could be yet another one of your fake accounts with plenty of conversations and love interests for.

You's a PATHETIC KKKrazy ass wart faced criminal faggot with chapped lips, untreated HIV with a substance abuse problem! Bye KKKunt!

2017-08-17 18:24:47

it's not even control, you wouldn't understand what it is if you haven't figured it out by YOUR age.

i get it. you're mad at me for clocking you for being a lonely, creepy, thirsty old faggot. shouldn't you be running around the forums trying to fuck and suck everything with a pulse? don't let lil ole ME cockblock you Laughing

the bitch you're obsessed with

2017-08-17 18:28:08

Sorry Wart Hog! Not buying ANY of your bullshit! You're mentally unstable and ALL of the forum peeps see you for what you are... A DERANGED PUS FILLED TWAT...toxicity to ALL of society...your arrest record proves this! Faggot assed degenerate!

mentally unstable? Neutral coming from my forum stalker that's rich Laughing

i get it, i drowned you and you're still struggling to come up for air, you're going to still be mad long after i've forgotten you even exist #facts
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PostPosted: 2017-08-15 17:37:23     Post subject: realwomannj is frank hughes lovepeacesoul


that's why she's coming for me, cuz i exposed one of her most infamous forum reg accounts Laughing

frank hughes as we know him doesn't exist. obviously it's a real person, but the pics and videos are all stolen from someone else, that's why he won't post a proof pic only pre-recorded videos, that facebook page is fake too who wants me to screenshot where she ADMITTED to jacking the pics and making a facebook page with them???

i won't stunt on yall she had me fooled too
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