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PostPosted: 2017-11-13 15:21:44     Post subject: Cut the FEM sh*t out if you want a man

In a nut shell ( as told to me by ex-fem-bots ) The average fem is just an insecure attention seeking faggot.

To delve deeper, at the core of the faggotry is anger and depression and not willing to let go and let the inner God prevail!

Most Common Fuckeries Committed by Fem-bots:

1.) Reading Folks
2.) Quick to Jump to BAD Conclusions
3.) Entitlement
4.) Narcissism
5.) Cattiness
6.) The World is her Fashion Show and Run Way
7.) Trickery
8.) Gossiping
9.) Overly Finicky
10.) Always Wanna Be One UP on Perceived Competition

#StopTheFaggotry #BeAMan
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PostPosted: 2014-06-13 15:39:21     Post subject: Stop running to past success to defend recent fail.

minatonamikaze wrote:

Nobody cares how many records you've sold when you struggle to scan cardboard in the present.
Or when albums released a year ago are higher charting than your most recent effort.
Or when other artist's fresh albums outsell your most recent in a matter of days or a few weeks.
850uknowuknow wrote:
1402687538 So basically an employer should just higher you because you look good and speak well and showed up on time and not take your work history or past accomplishments into consideration? According to you, if I have an exemplary work history and get fired from my current job, I should just stop working..#thatmakesnosense
minatonamikaze wrote:
1402687676 Too bad we're not talking about employment here, and depending on what you got fired for, yes, you wouldn't be able to get a job in that field any longer. #makesperfectsense
850uknowuknow wrote:
1402688458 It don't matter what example I use to describe your illogicalness, it still don't make no damn sense. Decline, neglect, and forgrantism in the entertainment industry is institutionalized into it at this point, but long as the quality of the product remains, artists of exceptional resume can make music for as long as they see fit. Talent & a spectacular discography > poor sales/current charting trends.
minatonamikaze wrote:
1402688746 You're aware this thread was about stans using past success to defend recent artist failures, right? I'm not challenging their rights to make records, but I am however challenging their poor defense.

"Mariah is the highest selling female artist blah blah blah" is not a valid excuse for why she's fallen out of the top 40. A little reading comprehension goes a long way.
850uknowuknow wrote:
1402689228 Baby doll racoon, I know exactly who and what you are talking about and in my opinion it is the most logical defense there is..you are measured by the sum of the whole, not what you currently portray. Mariah, Adele, Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars could put out 5 flop albums/singles in a row and still be more relevant to Pop music than Lorde, Iggy azelea, and Ariana grande combined. #sit
minatonamikaze wrote:
1402689543 You realize how long it took Mariah to release this album? The number of pushbacks and failed singles. At the end of the day, this is a business. If you're not selling, you're not going to get the chance to release fail after fail, as Mariah and other artists has begun to do. They need to take a page out of Janet's book and call it a day. Sorry if you can't understand this.
850uknowuknow wrote:
1402690244 Lol hahaha at you thinking we still live in that world of the record companies or industry dictating a singers artistry, career or relevance. Mariah has millions of followers and fans and could release her new music directly through download purchase WITHOUT any major record labellage and be perfectly fine for the rest of her life financially and industry impact wise. The current trends may be a sign for her to move in that direction. My point is an explary resume is always a good defense.
minatonamikaze wrote:
Mariah has millions of followers and fans

Too bad they stopped buying her music.
You'll notice how she ain't put it under a glass container on iTunes either where the only way to consume it was to buy it in its entirety either, right?
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