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PostPosted: 2017-11-13 15:21:44     Post subject: Cut the FEM sh*t out if you want a man

In a nut shell ( as told to me by ex-fem-bots ) The average fem is just an insecure attention seeking faggot.

To delve deeper, at the core of the faggotry is anger and depression and not willing to let go and let the inner God prevail!

Most Common Fuckeries Committed by Fem-bots:

1.) Reading Folks
2.) Quick to Jump to BAD Conclusions
3.) Entitlement
4.) Narcissism
5.) Cattiness
6.) The World is her Fashion Show and Run Way
7.) Trickery
8.) Gossiping
9.) Overly Finicky
10.) Always Wanna Be One UP on Perceived Competition

#StopTheFaggotry #BeAMan
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PostPosted: 2013-08-18 04:16:39     Post subject:

that's what you get for being thirsty. now tell his punk ass to kick rocks.

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