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What Do You Niggers Think Of A White Pussi Boy Like Me? :-)
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:: The Basics
Age: 31
Ethnicity: White
City, Region: New York (Manhattan), New York
Country: United States
Sign: Taurus
Gender: Male
Height: 5.06 "
Weight: 0 pounds
Build: slender
:: Life Style
Closet: Out
Hair: Short
Status: single
Drink: No
Smoke: None
Tattoos: Lots
Unusual Piercings: None
:: Interests
Relationships, Friendships, Top, College Educated, Play Sports, Adventurous, Thugs, Foreplay
:: I Am Looking For
I am a 100% WOMAN (or what stupid self hating western gay cultured fags call 'bottom'). so Do not contact me if you are not a Pure Man (aka: 100% Top). NOT looking for sex dates,Please do not suggest them to me. ** I love romantic dates - pizza,ice cream and deep.long,wet kisses at the end. **VERY IMPORTANT** The guys that i can become attracted to will allways have to be Pure 10000% Tops! - and that is **THE MOST** important Rule. because without that...N-O-T-H-I-N-G you say,have,are or do matters to me. if you are not a PURE TOP, then you are **Irrelevant** to me, because i am a woman that loves MEN, and a MAN will not be an ass-fucked male that gets down on his weak knees and gets fucked in his ass like a little stupid bitch. i am a woman that loves men (not women like myself). besides that im only into Eastern and African cultured males, while my complete Addiction and Desire will always be for **SUPER DARK BLACK MEN**. that Strong,Tough,Dark masculinity completes my soft,gentle,white femininty so perfectly. the strong Dark skin and Dark eyes alongside the gentleness of my milky vanilla skin and super blue eyes just looks so good together. I just love how beautiful soft smooth white femininity looks next to strong Beautiful Black masculinity. I think it's because i associate Black with power,strength and toughness. and him being Strong in my eyes is what compliments my white softness and gentlness and i Love that. and it's exactlly what a gentle,soft pussiboi like me needs from his Man. so the darkerand blacker you are,the Stronger you are,then the more attractive you are through my baby blue eyes. Black guys are my biggest addiction, they always have been (and i cannot explain why). its crazy but i cannot even enjoy being with a guy unless he is black. i dont think i will be able to even cum unless i hear him tell me how black he is lol. i cannot stop thinking about black and only black. and i know i will marry a black guy and always be with a black guy. and to all of you whom are sending me messagess and calling me a 'racist' simply because i prefer black guys,or to the ones who are 'guessing' why i love black guys and then calling me a 'white slut', then i say this to you.... NO! you stupid fools... i am not attracted to black men because i want a 'big black cock' (because believe me that there are LOTS of white/latino/arab men that have HUGE dicks. so if i was just after a 'big dick' then i could have looked for it in other places (and races) too!. and if you can only see black guys through a sexual narrow minded mirror then its YOUR stupid problem...Not Mine! and that says Alot more about YOU then it says about ME. and BTW: some of you that send me these dumb messages state in your own profile 'NO ASIANS' or 'NO FATS' so are you also 'racists' or fat haters simply because you have your own personal preferences? lol. I love black because i have Mostly dated black guys in my life. I love black because i love the smell of Negro men, that smell is what makes me go wild. I love black because i love the way i feel when a black guy kisses me. I love black because my knees get weak when a sexy strong black guy 'checks me out' on the street or when he smiles at me. I love black because when a black guy looks at me i feel weak to his strong glorious black power. I love black because i love the touch of black skin - it just has this lush feeling to it. it feels like expensive silk and the finest luxurious leather. I love black because i love their super dark black eyes. I love black because whenever i see a beautiful black guy - its like my heart literally smiles and i get so excited. I love black because only black guys make me feel like a pure 100% women. I love black because i love their super strong sexual stamina and i admire their superior masculinity. I love black because i think that black guys are very Beautiful to my eyes. I love black because i love the harmony between the strong tough black skin against my beautiful smooth soft vanilla skin. I love black because of the DEEP **Natural** animal attraction between black men and white females or pussiboi women like myself. I love black because only a black guy can make me cum from my pussi and make me cream on his big black cock without me even touching my little whiteboi penis. I love black because of the african culture they look up to that gives them a strong sense of a MASCULINE GENDER IDENTITY. oh and YES! - I also Love the black cock of my beautiful Big Black Man. there's somthing about a Big Black cock inside a white submissive pink pussi that just looks so beautiful together. and i have to admit....i Love Black cum in me....i'm addicted to the taste and feeling of Negro cum. i just love it when my Beautiful Strong Black Man dumps all his black cum in me. just the thought of my black Horse emptying his balls inside of me and filing me up with his black cum, then just that alone can make me cum. i just want my black king to fill me up with his superior thick black cum everyday...all day. i want it so i can get pregnant from him and give birth to lots of beautiful black babies, ok?!....did i answer all your questions?....GOOD! LOL :) Now if you are one of those Western white culture inspired, emasculated, and 'continental' Black guys who say they are 'color blind' and who are attracted to 'all races and colors' and all that 'Political correctness' Bullsh*t... then please DO NOT contact me because i WONT be attracted to you so just save your message. Because if you are a Black guy who is also attracted to other black guys, then i find that a HUGE turn off. for some reason when i see an image of two black males together it just dosent look 'good'. something about two black guys being together looks very 'un-natural' to me. its like two pluses or two minuses coming together. there's just no harmony or a perfect completion in an image of two negro thugs together...ugh, it just looks so bad to my eyes lol. I want my black Man to go CRAZY only for beautiful Whitebois.....just like i go C-R-A-Z-Y only for Handsome strong Black men. I want him to be obsessed with white bois.... just like i'm obsessed with Black guys. I want my black man to understand the power of interracial Love,Relationships,and Sex. and i want my man to embrace his Black power and appreciate the power and hormany of black and white together. I like to glorify my man's BLACKNESS and not to 'hide' it. I want my man to understand how Strong and powerful he is because of the black power inside him. and i want him to be Proud of him having that black power inside of him...(just like i will). now i know that this may sound 'odd' to some people.... but i like my relationship with my man to be very 'racial oriented' as i call it lol. meaning that our 'skin color' is Always in the 'Front'.....its never in the 'background'. I like my man to always remind me about his 'blackness' and about him being black (especially in bed lol). him reminding me about our color differences is kind of what keeps on nourishing my complete desire,lust,and attraction towards my beautiful black king. i'm attracted to almost everything that's the opposite of me, so i would love it if you would be......Tall- cause i'm short.Dark Black skin- cause i'm light skin. Thug- cause im not. Strong- cause i'm a gentle whiteboi. street smart- cause i'm classroom smart lol. Big- cause i'm small. Dark black eyes- cause i have very light blue eyes. Smoker- cause i don't smoke. Big dick - cause i have a small whiteboi penis. A Pure Top - cause i'm a pure bottom. A Man- cause i'm a women. And be a King- so i can become your Queen. And even though (quote) 'I am not cinderella, and my life has not been a fairytale' (Mariah carey 1999 billbord music awards) i still wanna be the good princess girl and let you be my bad boy. i'll be the uptown girl and you be the downtown rugged nigga from the ghetto hehe. and one more thing...i grew up as a child in jamaica so i have a MAJOR weakness for black guys with a beard,mmmm their's nothing more yummy to me then a black guy with some dense black facial hair. when i touch that rough hard black hair,i get very turned on :)
:: Who I Am
Foreign whiteboi Only into Pure 100% Top,Alpha dominant Dark black males. cuz a gentle, pure bottom pussiboi deserves only The Most Purist Form of True Masculinity - because only 100% Tops are Real Men and only pure 100% tops deserve the title 'men'. please be a super dark negro man because i am not really attracted to light skin black guys, or latinos for that matter (sorry). PLEASE do not send me sex messages or pictures of your 'Big Black Dick'. i am not into sex dates or random sex activities with random men (no matter how 'hot' or 'fly' you think you are). my soul is not designed for stuff like that. i love to love and i love long lasting relationships and amazing,wet,hard,raw bareback sex with a man that i have a deep conection with. a man that i can drink and swallow every single drop of his black cum and take every single inch of his big blacl cock inside of me and accept all of his negro cum that his balls empty inside my smooth,pink,submissive white pussi and let him use and control me and let him be hard with me in bed and yet after that i can look him in the eye with my baby blue eyes and he will whisper to me 'My love' and i will kiss him all night long. so please just be a gentleman ...just be nice and respectfull to me and in return i will do the same. and if you ever win over my heart...then you will be the luckiest gay or bi man amongst all your other Strong top 'homie' friends lol. if you will have my heart and you will make me want to give it to you...then you will understand what a real woman like me can do to a real man. i am used to males with only the most strongest masculine identity so please be a pure gynephilic male. be a strong masculine identity male that is only attracted to femininity and NOT to masculinity (just like a pure man will always be). because i am not attracted to inferior western gay cultured homo's who fuck males in the ass (aka: 'bottoms') yet they call those males 'men'. i am not attracted to top gay males who thhink that being 'gay' is about being attracted to 'men' (because it not, look it up and understnad wht the term 'gay' is all about!). being 'gay' is about being attracted to your own sex (and our sex is not 'men'!, our sex is MALES). being gay is about a **pysical** attraction to **External** male characteristics and NOT ( necessarily ) to 'men' or to masculinity! being 'gay' is about being attracted to MALES and NOT to 'man'! so to all of you western gay cultured stupid brain washed Top males who think that when their fucking a male in the ass that they are some how fucking a 'man' in the ass i say...THINK AGAIN. i got news for you guys...news that even self hating wetsern 'bottoms' wont admit (to themeselves!)....you guys are not fucking,dating or dealing with 'men'. you are dealing with WOMAN. you are simply dealing with ass fucked males (i.e. 'bottoms') who have a very strong **psycological** sense of F-e-m-i-n-i-n-e gender identity (that is why they CHOOSE to be bottoms). and i will say one more thing.... if you are a top who calles males that want to get down on their knees and get fucked and raiped in their ass by men ( first and foremost in their **psycological** yearnings and desires) as so called 'men', well then that say's ALOT about YOUR inferior western cultured model of 'masculinity' and that say's alot more ABOUT YOU and YOUR personal perception of what masculinity is all about. because in return, that inferior TWISTED model of masculinity that you hold about those ass fucked 'bottom' males says alot about YOU and the type of a 'Man' that YOU are. because at the end of the day, if you call an ass fucked male a 'man' then what kind of disgusting inferior model of masculinity do you hold upon yourself? lol i mean if thats your model of what a 'man' does and of what masculinity is about then i feel sorry for you. i admire men....But only REAL men...only the ones that deserve the title MEN. so anyway yeah, umm thats all, sorry for this looong text, im complicated, i know! hehe. but thanks for taking the time and reading all of it :)
#whitebois, #ILOVEWHITEBOYS, #Black4White, #whiteboilover
#whiteboi, #WhiteandBlack, #white4black, #interciallove
#man, #Relaionship, #love, #TOPONLY
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very sexy


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that is beautiful


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you are incredibly handsome and SEXY there's some lucky bastard that's going to stumble into Nervana and fine you. !!!! Keep the faith.


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Like that


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lookin good


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Nice. :)

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